Ah Chew Desserts Singapore Menu & Prices 2024

Hello Desserts Lovers, are you searching for the latest Ah Chew Desserts Menu Prices? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and the latest prices. All the prices are sourced directly from Ah Chew Desserts Singapore’s official channels.

Ah Chew Desserts Menu Prices 2024

Ah Chew Desserts Singapore Menu can be categorised as Soup Desserts, Steamed Egg Desserts, Steamed Egg White Desserts, Premium Desserts, Paste Desserts, Sago Desserts, Other Desserts, Grass Jelly Desserts, Durian Desserts, Snacks, and Beverages. Lets see the details of each item one by one.

Ah Chew Desserts Soup Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Rock Sugar White Fungus Papaya w/ Almond PasteSGD 4.60
LARGE Rock Sugar White Fungus Papaya w/ Almond PasteSGD 5.20
Green Bean Soup w/ SeaweedSGD 3.50
Gingko, Barley & Beancurd Skin SoupSGD 4.00
Hawaiian Papaya Boiled w/ Fresh MilkSGD 4.40

Ah Chew Desserts Steamed Egg Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Fresh Milk Steamed EggSGD 4.40
Fresh Milk Steamed Egg w/ Chocolate Cookies ToppingSGD 5.00
Fresh Milk Steamed Egg w/ Red Bean ToppingSGD 5.00
Fresh Milk Steamed Egg w/ Ginger JuiceSGD 5.00

Ah Chew Desserts Steamed Egg White Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Steamed Milk Egg WhiteSGD 4.60
Steamed Milk Egg White w/ Chocolate CookiesSGD 5.20
Steamed Milk Egg White w/ Red Bean ToppingSGD 5.20
Steamed Milk Egg White w/ Ginger JuiceSGD 5.20

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Ah Chew Desserts Durian Desserts Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Durian SagoSGD 8.30
Durian Green Bean Soup w/ SeaweedSGD 5.10
Durian Yam SagoSGD 6.20
Durian Hong Kong Red Bean IceSGD 7.90
Durian Mango Sago w/ PomeloSGD 7.60
Durian Mango SagoSGD 6.90

Ah Chew Desserts Premium Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Hashima Red Date SoupSGD 10.90
Hashima & Hawaiian papaya Boiled w/ Fresh MilkSGD 11.50
Hashima Fresh Milk Steamed EggSGD 11.50

Ah Chew Desserts Menu – Paste Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Sesame PasteSGD 4.40
Chinese Almond PasteSGD 4.40
Peanut PasteSGD 4.40
Black Glutinous RiceSGD 4.40
Black Glutinous Rice w/ Vanilla Ice-CreamSGD 5.50
Yam Paste w/ Ginko NutSGD 4.00
Sesame + Almond PasteSGD 4.40
Sesame + Peanut PasteSGD 4.40
Red Bean Paste w/ Lily BulbSGD 4.40

Ah Chew Desserts Sago Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Yam SagoSGD 4.60
Honeydew SagoSGD 4.60
Watermelon SagoSGD 4.60
Watermelon Honeydew SagoSGD 4.60
Mango SagoSGD 5.30
Mango Sago w/ PomeloSGD 6.00

Ah Chew Desserts Other Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Chinese Herbal JellySGD 4.40
Water Chestnut w/ Egg & Chinese Herbal JellySGD 5.20
Water Chestnut w/ EggSGD 4.40
Aloevera Strawberry in Honey Water & LimeSGD 5.50
Aloevea in Honey Water & LimeSGD 4.40
Hong Kong Red Bean IceSGD 6.30

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Ah Chew Desserts Grass Jelly Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Grass Jelly PlainSGD 3.20
Grass Jelly w/ Carnation MilkSGD 3.80
Grass Jelly w/ PeachSGD 4.40
Grass Jelly w/ LonganSGD 4.40
Grass Jelly w/ LycheeSGD 4.40
Grass Jelly w/ Attap SeedSGD 4.40
Grass Jelly w/ MangoSGD 5.50
Grass Jelly w/ StrawberrySGD 5.50
Grass Jelly w/ WatermelonSGD 4.40
Grass Jelly w/ Mixed FruitsSGD 6.70

Ah Chew Desserts Snacks Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Ginger Soup w/ Rice BallSGD 3.90
Rice Ball MochiSGD 3.30
Mango PlatterSGD 8.00

Ah Chew Desserts Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced Lipton TeaSGD 3.20
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 3.80
Cold Grass Jelly Drink LargeSGD 3.20
Homemade Honey Lime JuiceSGD 3.80
Mineral WaterSGD 1.50

Is Ah Chew Desserts Halal Certified?

No, Ah Chew Desserts Singapore Is Not Halal Certified, but they do not use any pork or lard.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Ah Chew Desserts Singapore.

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