Tori Q Singapore Menu Price Updated 2024

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Tori Q Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Tori Q Menu with Prices.

Tori Q Menu 2024

Tori Q Menu can be categorized as yakitori Sticks, Fried, Bento Sets, & Miscellaneous. Now, let’s see the detail of each item one by one.

Tori Q Yakitori Sticks

Chicken51.48 kcal7.65g1.86 g1.05 gSGD 1.30
Pork75.82 kcal7.31 g4.42 g1.71 gSGD 1.50
Chicken Ball116.08 kcal9.74 g6.22 g5.25 gSGD 1.60
Chicken Fillet45.08 kcal9.50 g0.46 g0.69 gSGD 1.60
Chicken Skin64.61 kcal3.49 g4.91 g1.62 gSGD 1.60
Tontoro Pork125.39 Kcal4.67 g11.18 g1.54 gSGD 1.70
Pork with Asparagus126.37 kcal7.88 g9.46 g2.42 gSGD 2.60
Chicken with Green Pepper51.66 kcal6.37 g1.58 g2.98 gSGD 1.60
Chicken with Leek56.5 kcal5.47 g1.93 g4.31 gSGD 1.50
Quail Egg47.1 kcal3.58 g2.75 g2.01 gSGD 1.30
Smoked Cheese Sausage379 kcal6.10 g6.80 g1.50 gSGD 1.70
Tamagoyaki rolled omelet114 kcal0.10 g0.70 g27.9 gSGD 2.20
Nitamago Japanese Braised Egg77.6 kcal6.74 g3.68 g4.37 gSGD 1.10
Jumbo Sausage116.56 kcal5.72 g9.22 g2.67 gSGD 1.60

Tori Q Fried Menu

Pepper Karaage134 Kcal 9.98 g7.58 g6.38 gSGD 1.60
Shoyu Karaage159 Kcal10.9 g10.5 g5.35 gSGD 1.60
Chicken Karaage98 Kcal9.35 g4.75 g4.45 gSGD 1.60
Crispy Karaage120 Kcal7.84 g5.63 g9.45 gSGD 1.60
Piri-Kara karaage144 Kcal8.07 g11.4 g9.89 gSGD 1.60
Chicken Gyoza79.2 Kcal3.88 g3.00 g9.16 gSGD 1.50
Deep Fried Prawn92.4 Kcal2.34 g5.70 g8.40 gSGD 1.60
Mini Hashed Potato66.67 Kcal0.89 g1.56 g4.22 gSGD 1.20

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Tori Q Bento Sets

Bento A
2 Chicken, 1 Chicken Ball, 1 Pork
837 Kcal21.6 g17.5g148 gSGD 7.80
Bento B
2 Chicken, 1 Chicken Ball, 1 Chicken with Green Pepper
838 kcal27.5 g16.8g145 gSGD 7.80
Bento C
Any 3 from either normal, pepper, or shoyu karaage
810 kcal 24.6 g11.3g152 gSGD 7.10

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Tori Q Miscellaneous Prices

Miso SoupSGD 1.50
Yakitori Sauce BottleSGD 5.90
Yakitori Sauce SachetSGD 0.50
Yakitori Sauce Sachet (10Pkts)SGD 3.90
Yukinko Rice 2 kgSGD 13.80

Is Tori Q Halal?

No,Tori Q Singapore is not a Halal-certified restaurant, because some of their menu items contain Pork and Alcohol.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Tori q Singapore.

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