Bakalaki Greek Taverna Singapore Menu & Updated Price 2024

Greetings to all foodies, Are you searching for the latest Menu and Prices of  Bakalaki Greek Taverna Singapore? You’re in the right place! We’ve uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and updated prices, all sourced directly from the official channels of Bakalaki Greek Taverna in Singapore.

Bakalaki Greek Taverna Mezedes-Orektika Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Bakaliaro with SkordaliaSGD 31.99
DolmadesSGD 19.15
FavaSGD 15.94
Feta SaganakiSGD 19.15
HummusSGD 17.01
KeftedesSGD 19.15
Melitzanosalata AgiorgitikiSGD 17.01
Patates TiganitesSGD 10.59
Pita BreadSGD 3.10
SpanakopitaSGD 18.08
TaramosalataSGD 18.08
TomatokeftedesSGD 18.08
TyrokafteriSGD 17.01
TzatzikiSGD 17.01

Salads Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
DakosSGD 24.50
HoriatikiSGD 24.50
Lahano KarotoSGD 18.08

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Psaria & Thalassina Sharas

Menu ItemsPrice
XifiasSGD 39.48
HtapodiSGD 38.41

Bakalaki Greek Taverna Kreatika Sharas

Menu ItemsPrice
Spalon Brizola Me KokaloSGD 105.82
Souvlaki Vegetarian with Tomato PattiesSGD 20.22
Souvlaki KebabSGD 22.36
Souvlaki Chicken YiroSGD 21.29
Souvlaki Chicken SkewerSGD 21.29
Souvlaki Beef SkewerSGD 22.36
PaidakiaSGD 38.41
Mixed Grilled Meat Platter for 4 PaxSGD 206.40
Mixed Grilled Meat Platter for 2 PaxSGD 106.89
Merida Chicken YiroSGD 27.71
Kotopoulo SxarasSGD 29.85
Kalamaki Merida KebabSGD 29.85
Kalamaki Merida Chicken SkewersSGD 27.71
Kalamaki Merida Beef SkewersSGD 29.85

Desserts Menu with Price

Menu ItemsPrice
RizogaloSGD 13.80
GiaourtiSGD 15.94
GalaktobourekoSGD 17.01
BaklavaSGD 17.01

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All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Bakalaki Greek Taverna Singapore.

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