Bee’s Knees Singapore Menu Price List 2024

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Bee’s Knees Menu 2024

Bee’s Knees Singapore Menu can be categorized as breakfast, Sandwiches and Bowls, Mains, and Snacks to Share. Lets see the details of each items one by one.

Bee’s Knees breakfast Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Bee’s Knees Big Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs | Miso Mushrooms | Roasted Cumin Tomatoes | Avocado | Tater Tots | Kurobuta Ham | Neurenberger Bratwurst | Ciabatta Toast
SGD 28.00
Salmon Bagel Eggs Benny
Salmon | Toasted Sesame Bagel | Poached Eggs | Brown Butter Hollandaise | Baby Spinach | Chives
SGD 18.00
Ham Bagel Eggs Benny
Kurobuta Ham | Toasted Sesame Bagel | Poached Eggs | Brown Butter Hollandaise | Baby Spinach | Chives
SGD 17.00
Shrooms Bagel Eggs Benny
Miso Mushrooms | Toasted Sesame Bagel | Poached Eggs | Brown Butter Hollandaise | Baby Spinach | Chives
SGD 16.00
Choice of Plain Croissant or Pain Au Chocolate
SGD 7.00
Smoked Salmon Croissant
Smoked Salmon | Beetroot | Arugula
SGD 14.00
Kurobuta Ham Croissant
Kurobuta Ham | Emmental | Arugula
SGD 14.00
Muesli Bowl
Granola | Greek Yoghurt | Berries | Honey
SGD 12.00
Açaí Bowl
Açaí Sorbet | Fresh Fruits | Citrus Honey | Mint *Gluten Free & Dairy Free
SGD 13.00
Quinoa Bowl
Quinoa | Fresh Fruits | Citrus Honey | Mint *Gluten Free and Dairy Free
SGD 11.00
Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl
Fresh Fruit Salad | Buttermilk | Cinnamon Crumble
SGD 12.00
Savory Pancake Breakfast
SGD 25.00
Food Menu With Prices

Bee’s Knees Sandwiches and Bowls Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Oriental Bowl
Couscous | Mandarin Orange Scallions | Baby Spinach | Cherry Tomatoes | Wolfberry | Spicy Plum Dressing | Peanuts *Choice of Smoked Duck Breast or Chicken Breast
SGD 19.00
Goat Cheese Quinoa Bowl
Quinoa | Goat Cheese | Roasted Pumpkin | Baby Spinach | Cherry Tomatoes | Roasted Nuts | Beetroot | Balsamico *Vegetarian
SGD 18.00
The Moroccan Bowl
Couscous | Homemade Falafel | Baby Spinach | Roasted Pumpkin | Cauliflower | Feta | Brown Dates | Baby Carrots | Orange Cilantro Tahini Dressing *Vegan option available upon request.
SGD 18.00
Roma Tomatoes | Piquillo | Emmental | Arugula | Balsamico -comes with extra vigin olive oil potato chips *Vegetarian
SGD 16.00
Pinche Chicken
CHEF’S RECOMMENDATION, (Spicy) Smoked Chicken Breast | Charred Baby Corn Jalapeño Mayonnaise | Baby spinach | Avocado – comes with extra vigin olive oil potato chips
SGD 18.00
Corned Beef | Pickled Cabbage | Sesame | Russian Dressing | Emmental -comes with extra vigin olive oil potato chips
SGD 19.00
Sweet Menu WIth Prices

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Bee’s Knees Mains Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Australian Striplion
Truffle Cauliflower Gratin | Beef Jus | Arugula
SGD 30.00
Bee’s Knees ‘Heart Attack’ Burger
Double Beef Patty | Emmental | Confit Onions | Bacon | Garlic Aioli | Fries | Salad
SGD 27.00
Pan Roasted Salmon
Cous Cous | Edamame | Seaweed | Baby Spinach | Sesame
SGD 26.00
Fish and Chips
3pc Dory Fillets | French Fries | Lemon | Salad | Tartar Sauce | Edamame
SGD 24.00
Soup of the Day
Please call to enquire / let us know your dietary requirements
SGD 8.00
Seafood Stew
SGD 30.00
Lunch Menu With Prices

Bee’s Knees Snacks to Share

Menu ItemsPrice
Boxing Chicken(6pcs)
6pcs Spiced Chicken Drumlets | Sriracha Mayonnaise
SGD 16.00
Truffle Tater Tots
Mini Hash Potatoes | Truffle Oil *Vegan
SGD 13.00
Fries with 3 dips
Jalapeno Mayonnaise | Furikake Mayonnaise | Chinchalok Thai Chilli
SGD 13.00
Truffle Parmesan FriesSGD 14.00
Spicy Duck Loaded Fries
Tomatoes | Mozzarella | Beef Cheeks | Parmesan | Mayonnaise | Chives
SGD 18.00
Reuben Sliders (4pcs)
Corned Beef | Emmental | Russian Dressing
SGD 18.00
Beef Sliders (4pcs)
Mini Beef Patties | Emmental | Mayonnaise
SGD 20.00
Drink Menu
For s drink Menu

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Is Bee’s Knees Singapore Halal?

No, Bee’s Knees Singapore is Not Halal Certified Restaurant.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Bee’s Knees Singapore.

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