Eday Western Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Hello fans of Western cuisine, are you in search of the latest Menu at Eday Western Restaurant? You’ve come to the right place! We have uploaded the complete Menu with pictures and updated prices. The prices have been sourced from the official outlets of Eday Western Restaurant in Singapore.

Eday Western Singapore Menu 2024

Eday Western Singapore menu can be categorized as Appetizers, Main Courses, and Spaghetti. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

Eday Western Appetizers Menu With Price

French FriesSGD 2.80
Cheese FriesSGD 3.80
Potato WedgesSGD 4.80
Chicken NuggetSGD 2.80
Mushroom Soup & Garlic BreadSGD 3.80
Popcorn ChickenSGD 3.80

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Eday Western Main Course Prices

Fish & Chips SetSGD 7.50
Grilled Fish Fillet SetSGD 7.50
Chicken Cutlet SetSGD 8.00
Ribeye Steak SetSGD 14.30
Grilled Salmon SetSGD 16.30
Lamb Chop SetSGD 14.30
Chicken Cutlet & Fish Fillet SetSGD 10.30
Beef Steak & Chicken Chop SetSGD 12.30
Lamb Chop & Chicken Chop SetSGD 12.30
Chicken Chop SetSGD 7.50
Chicken Cutlet Set

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Eday Western Spaghetti Prices

Seafood SpaghettiSGD 9.00
Chicken Cutlet SpaghettiSGD 8.30
Fish Cutlet SpaghettiSGD 8.00
Spring Chicken SpaghettiSGD 13.30
Chicken Chop SpaghettiSGD 8.00
Grilled Fish SpaghettiSGD 8.00
Grilled Salmon SpaghettiSGD 16.80
Steak SpaghettiSGD 14.80
Lamb Chop SpaghettiSGD 14.80

Is Eday Western Restaurant Halal?

Yes, Eday Western Restaurant Singapore Is Halal Certified.

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