Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Greetings to all Sushi lovers, Are you searching for the newest Itacho Sushi Menu in Singapore for 2024? You’ve come to the right place! You’ll find the latest Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu along with its prices. The menu and prices for Itacho Sushi are directly taken from their outlets in Singapore. Look below for the freshest Itacho Sushi menu and its prices.

Itacho Sushi Menu Prices 2024

Itacho Sushi Singapore Menu can be categorized as Sushi, Roast, Salt, Sashimi, Warship Style, Creative Rolls, Hand Roll, Mini Rice & Rice Chirashi, Assorted Sets, Grill, Deep Fry, Soup & Steamed Egg, Snack, Rice, Noodles, Salad, Desserts, Non – Alcoholic Drinks, and Alcoholic Drinks. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Itacho Sushi Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon (1pc)SGD 2.00
Fatty Salmon (1pc)SGD 2.40
Japanese Flounder Dorsal (1pc)SGD 5.50
Japanese Flounder (1pc)SGD 4.80
Blue Fin Tuna (1pc)SGD 3.80
Blue Fin Fatty Tuna w/ Less Tendon (1pc)SGD 8.20
Blue Fin Fatty Tuna w/ Tendon (1pc)SGD 8.80
Yellow Tail (1pc)SGD 3.00
Fatty Yellow Tail (1pc)SGD 4.50
Mackerel (1pc)SGD 3.10
Japanese Jack Mackerel (1pc)SGD 4.00
Flesh of Crab Stick (1pc)SGD 2.00
Shrimp Tempura (1pc)SGD 3.20
Shrimp (1pc)SGD 2.00
Sweet Shrimp (1pc)SGD 3.80
Red Shrimp (1pc)SGD 4.80
Live Ark Shell (1pc)SGD 16.00
Kagoshima Wagyu (1pc)SGD 9.30
Striped Jack (1pc)SGD 4.50
Egg (1pc)SGD 1.40
Spicy Salmon Inari w/ Sakura Shrimp Ebiko (1pc)SGD 4.00
Inari (1pc)SGD 1.40
Octopus (1pc)SGD 2.00
Squid (1pc)SGD 2.00
Scallop (1pc)SGD 4.30
Jumbo Scallop (1pc)SGD 7.80
Fish Dorsal (1pc)SGD 4.50
Sword Fish (1pc)SGD 3.80
Surf Clam (1pc)SGD 2.80

Itacho Sushi Roast Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Sea Eel (1pc)SGD 3.00
Supreme Sea Eel (1pc)SGD 7.20
Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)SGD 5.00
Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Herbs Salt (1pc)SGD 5.00
Roasted Red Shrimp w/ Butter (1pc)SGD 5.00
Roasted Eel (1pc)SGD 3.50
Roasted Scallop (1pc)SGD 4.50
Roasted Blue Fin Fatty Tuna (1pc)SGD 8.80
Roasted Fish Dorsal (1pc)SGD 4.70
Roasted Salmon (1pc)SGD 2.20
Roasted Fatty Salmon (1pc)SGD 2.60
Roasted Salmon w/ Cheese (1pc)SGD 2.50
Roasted Salmon w/ Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)SGD 2.80
Roasted Japanese Jack Mackerel (1pc)SGD 4.20
Roasted Mackerel (1pc)SGD 3.30
Roasted Foie Gras (1pc)SGD 9.50
Roasted Kagoshima Wagyu Beef (1pc)SGD 9.80
Cod Liver & Scallop (1pc)SGD 3.80
Grilled Pork (1pc)SGD 1.80
Roasted Squid Leg (1pc)SGD 2.80
Roasted Duck Breast (1pc)SGD 2.80
Roasted Squid (1pc)SGD 2.50

Itacho Sushi Salt Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Shrimp Tempura (1pc)SGD 3.30
Octopus (1pc)SGD 2.20
Squid (1pc)SGD 2.20
Scallop (1pc)SGD 3.70
Japanese Flounder Dorsal (1pc)SGD 5.60

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Itacho Sushi Sashimi Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Jumbo ScallopSGD 15.60
Red Shrimp (3pc)SGD 16.50
Kagoshima Wagyu BeefSGD 23.40
Sea UrchinSGD 45.00
Japanese Jack Mackerel Sashimi / Grilled (Whole)SGD 25.50
SalmonSGD 6.00
Fatty SalmonSGD 7.20
Live Ark ShellSGD 16.00
Striped JackSGD 13.50
Blue Fin Tuna (Akami)SGD 11.40
Blue Fin TunaSGD 23.60
Blue Fin Tuna w/ TendonSGD 26.40
Japanese FlounderSGD 14.40
ScallopSGD 11.40
Yellow TailSGD 9.00
Fatty Yellow TailSGD 13.50
OctopusSGD 5.10
SquidSGD 6.00
SwordfishSGD 11.40
Sweet Shrimp (6pc)SGD 11.70

Itacho Sushi Warship Style Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Crab & Crab Miso (1pc)SGD 2.70
Curry LobsterSGD 3.20
Wasabi OctopusSGD 2.30
Squid & Cod Fish Caviar (1pc)SGD 2.60
Salmon Roe (1pc)SGD 4.00
Flying Fish Roe (1pc)SGD 2.20
Tuna Salad (1pc)SGD 1.50
Fatty Tuna w/ Spring Onion (1pc)SGD 3.60
Tuna & Corn Salad Warship (1pc)SGD 2.00
Flying Fish Roe w/ Cheese (1pc)SGD 2.30
Lobster Salad (1pc)SGD 3.00
Spicy Salmon (1pc)SGD 2.00
Sea Urchin (1pc)SGD 9.80
Corn Salad (1pc)SGD 1.00

Itachi Sushi Creative Rolls Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Sakura Shrimp w/ Cheese Roll (2pc)SGD 5.20
Salmon Roll (2pc)SGD 4.80
Sweet Shrimp Roll (2pc)SGD 8.20
Avocado & Soft Shell Crab Roll (2pc)SGD 7.20
Fatty Tuna w/ Spring Onion Roll (4pc)SGD 7.20
Fried Shrimp Roll (3pc)SGD 4.50
California Roll (2pc)SGD 4.00
Scallop & Avocado Roll (Spicy) (2pc)SGD 5.00
Cod Liver Roll (4pc)SGD 9.20
Kagoshima Double Wagyu Beef Roll (2pc)SGD 16.00
Eel Spring Roll (3pc)SGD 5.50
Salmon Spring Roll (3pc)SGD 5.50
Lobster & Mango Salad Roll (2pc)SGD 6.20
Chu Maki (2pc)SGD 3.50
Roasted Salmon Roll (2pc)SGD 5.60
Salmon & Salmon Roe Roll (2pc)SGD 8.60
Natto Roll (6pc)SGD 4.50
Salmon Salad Lobster Roll (2pc)SGD 5.20
Tuna Roll (6pc)SGD 6.50
Spicy Salmon w/ Crab Stick & Egg Roll Mentaiko Mayo Sauce (6pc)SGD 8.80
Cucumber Roll (6pc)SGD 3.00

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Itacho Sushi Hand Roll Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon RoeSGD 5.00
Roasted Foie GrasSGD 10.00
Spicy SalmonSGD 3.70
EelSGD 5.50
Shrimp TempuraSGD 4.20
ShrimpSGD 3.60
EggSGD 2.30
Tuna SaladSGD 3.00
SalmonSGD 4.00
Softshell CrabSGD 6.00
Fermented SoybeansSGD 3.50
Corn SaladSGD 2.20
CaliforniaSGD 4.90
Fatty Tuna w/ Spring OnionSGD 5.50
Grilled PorkSGD 3.50
Tuna CornSGD 3.60
Flying Fish RoeSGD 3.90

Itacho Sushi Mini Rice & Rice Chirashi Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Roe w/ RiceSGD 6.50
Eel w/ RiceSGD 5.10
Salmon & Salmon Roe w/ RiceSGD 6.50
Fatty Tuna & Spring Onion w/ RiceSGD 6.10
Sea Urchin w/ RiceSGD 19.20
Tokujyou ChirashiSGD 34.70
Salmon Oyako DonSGD 17.20
Bara ChirashiSGD 16.60
Nami ChirashiSGD 21.00

Itacho Sushi Assorted Set Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tiger Prawn RollSGD 10.50
Matsu Sashimi SetSGD 48.00
Take Sashimi SetSGD 35.00
Ume Sashimi SetSGD 32.00
Hana Sushi Set w/ Miso SoupSGD 38.00
Aburi Sushi Set w/ Miso SoupSGD 18.00
Tsuki Sushi Set w/ Miso SoupSGD 17.50
Huru Roll SetSGD 14.50

Itacho Sushi Grill Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu BeefSGD 58.00
Grilled Yellow Tail Head & JawSGD 9.00
Grilled Yellow Tail Head (Half)SGD 26.00
Grilled Fatty SalmonSGD 8.00
Grilled MackerelSGD 11.50
Grilled EelSGD 24.00
Grilled Salmon w/ Spicy MisoSGD 11.50
Grilled ScallopSGD 12.50
Pan Fried Swordfish w/ Butter SauceSGD 13.50

Itacho Sushi Deep Fry Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Deep-Fried ChickenSGD 7.00
Shrimp TempuraSGD 7.00
Pumpkin TempuraSGD 7.50
Fried Softshell CrabSGD 10.20
Cream CroquetteSGD 5.20
Vegetable TempuraSGD 6.80
Deep-Fried BeancurdSGD 5.50
Fried Soft SquidSGD 6.00
Deep-Fried OysterSGD 9.00

Itacho Sushi Soup & Steamed Egg Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Miso Soup w/ ClamSGD 4.00
Sweet Shrimp Cream SoupSGD 4.00
Miso SoupSGD 3.00
Clear Soup w/ Yellow Tail HeadsSGD 6.80
Steamed Egg w/ CrabSGD 5.00
Steamed Egg w/ Salmon RoeSGD 5.80
Steamed Egg w/ ScallopSGD 5.50

Itacho Sushi Snack Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Spicy SeafoodSGD 3.30
EdamameSGD 4.20
Roasted Egg (Cold/Warm)SGD 4.50
Cod LiverSGD 8.50
Salmon Head w/ Spicy SauceSGD 7.80
Homemade TofuSGD 5.50
Baked Stuff CrabSGD 8.50
Roasted Egg w/ Seaweed & CrabSGD 6.00
Roasted Egg w/ Curry LobsterSGD 6.00
Roasted Egg w/ Spicy SalmonSGD 6.00
Wasabi OctopusSGD 6.50
Seasoned OctopusSGD 6.50
Seasoned Jelly FishSGD 6.50
Salmon Skin & Talami IwasshiSGD 12.50
Grilled Squid (HALF)
Grilled Squid (WHOLE)
SGD 9.50
SGD 19.00
Top Salmon Belly w/ Black PepperSGD 7.80

Itacho Sushi Rice Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Eel w/ Scrambled Egg & RiceSGD 19.80
Pork Chop w/ Scrambled Egg & RiceSGD 15.50
Teriyaki Chicken w/ RiceSGD 12.50
Curry Beef / Curry Sliced Pork w/ Rice, Udon or SobaSGD 16.50
Curry Roasted Chicken w/ Rice, Udon or SobaSGD 16.50
Curry Pork Chop w/ Rice, Udon or SobaSGD 14.50

Itacho Sushi Noodles Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Udon / Soba in Soup w/ BeefSGD 14.50
Udon / Soba in Soup w/ TempuraSGD 14.50
Udon / Soba in Soup w/ Pork ChopSGD 14.50
Cold UdonSGD 6.50
Cold Green Tea NoodlesSGD 6.50
Cold Zaru SobaSGD 6.50
Steamed RiceSGD 2.00
Udon / Soba w/ SoupSGD 7.50

Itacho Sushi Salad Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Crab Meat SaladSGD 8.00
Tomato SaladSGD 8.00
Seafood SaladSGD 9.50
Avocado w/ Crab Meat SaladSGD 9.50
Softshell Crab SaladSGD 12.50
Wo-Fu Pork SaladSGD 8.00

Itacho Sushi Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet PotatoSGD 3.50
Green Tea Ice Cream w/ Red BeanSGD 4.00
Caramel Roasted EggSGD 4.00
Homemade Milk Pudding (Caramel)SGD 4.00

Itacho Sushi Non-alcoholic Drinks Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Orange JuiceSGD 4.00
Lime JuiceSGD 4.00
Apple JuiceSGD 4.00
Mineral WaterSGD 2.30
Green TeaSGD 3.00
Lemon TeaSGD 3.00
CokeSGD 3.00
Coke LightSGD 3.00
SpriteSGD 3.00

Itacho Sushi Alcoholic Drinks Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot SakeSGD 8.50
Kiku Masamune Nama Sake (300ml)SGD 21.00
Kikusui no Karakuchi Honjyozo (300ml)SGD 27.00
Hona Awaka Sparkling Sake (250ml)SGD 19.00
Saporro BeerSGD 9.00
Asahi BeerSGD 9.00
Kagatobi jyunmai Daiginjyou Ai (300ml)SGD 37.00
Kagatobi jyunmai Super Dry (300ml)SGD 23.80
Yuzu Aladdin Sake (300ml)SGD 23.50
Junmai Aladdin Sake (300ml)SGD 24.80
Hana Fu-Ga Peach (250ml)SGD 19.00
Hana Fu-Ga Yuzu (250ml)SGD 19.00

Is Itacho Sushi Singapore Halal?

No, Itacho Sushi Singapore Is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Itacho Sushi Singapore.

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