Ka-Soh Singapore Menu & Updated Price 2024

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Ka-Soh Menu 2024

Ka-Soh Singapore’s Menu Can be Classified as Chinese New Year, Set Meals, Fish Soup Noodles, Prawns, Fish, Frogs, Beef, Pork, Chicken, Vegetables, and Dessert. Let’s Explain them one by one in detail.

Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Chicken
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Beef
Ka-Soh Singapore Fish Menu
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Vegetables
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Soups
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Prawns
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Fish Soup
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Noodles With Gravy
Ka-Soh Singapore Noodles with Gravy
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Tofu
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Rice
RestaurantKa-Soh Singapore
Address22 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289218
Delivery TimingTuesday – Sunday: 1:30 am–2 pm, 5:30–9 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 8754 7481
PaymentsDebit cards.

Ka-Soh Chinese New Year Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Pencai 5 – 6 Pax
Baby Abalone, Prawn, Fish Maw, Dried Scallop, Sotong Ball, Braised Pork Hock, Baked Chicken Chop, Roasted Duck, Fried Yam, Long Cabbage & Soy Chips, White Radish, Duck Webs, Sea Cucumber
SGD 218.00
Pencai & Yusheng SetSGD 238.00
Prosperity Abalone YushengSGD 38.80
Abundance Jelly
fish & Abalone Yusheng
SGD 48.80
Bok CuiSGD 4.50
Additional Abalone (10 slices)SGD 12.00
Braised Crabmeat & Sharks Fin SoupSGD 18.00
Emperor Herbal Kampung ChickenSGD 45.00
Crab Meat Ee Fu NoodlesSGD 30.00
Golden Pumpkin Yam Paste
(8-10 Pax) Teohew style yam paste with pumpkin.
SGD 38.80
Snow Fungus Lotus Nut Soup with Glutinous Rice BallsPer person portionSGD 5.00

Ka-Soh Set Meals Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Family Set A (3-4 Pax)
Includes: Roasted Crispy Chicken (Half), Oatmeal Prawns, Braised Tofu w Seafood, Sambal Kang Kong, Bittergourd Omelette
SGD 95.00
Family Set B (3-4 Pax)
Includes: Spare Pork RibsPrawn Paste, ChickenBraised Tofu w Seafood, Sambal Kang Kong, Egg Fuyong
SGD 90.00

Ka-Soh Signature Fish Soup Noodles Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Slice Fish Noodles Soup
Ka-Soh’s signature fish soup is a nutritious bone broth boiled over long hours using only fish bones.
SGD 9.57
Fish Fillet Noodles Soup
Ka-Soh’s signature fish soup is a nutritious bone broth boiled over long hours using only fish bones.
SGD 10.80
Fish Head Noodles Soup
Ka-Soh’s signature fish soup is a nutritious bone broth boiled over long hours using only fish bones.
SGD 10.80

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Ka-Soh Prawns Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Oatmeal PrawnsSGD 25.55
Salt & Pepper PrawnsSGD 25.55
Salted Egg PrawnsSGD 27.85

Ka-Soh Fish Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Fish Slices w Spring Onion & GingerSGD 19.30
Fish Slices w Black Bean SauceSGD 19.30
Fish Fillet w Black Bean SauceSGD 20.30
Nonya Fish SlicesSGD 19.30
Deepfried Fish SlicesSGD 19.30
Curry Song Fish HeadSGD 31.70

Ka-Soh Frogs Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Deep Fried Frogs w Ginger SlicesSGD 25.50
Stir Fried Frogs w Spring OnionsSGD 25.50

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Ka-Soh Beef Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef w Spring OnionSGD 20.30
Black Pepper BeefSGD 20.30
Beef with KailanSGD 20.30
Beef with BroccoliSGD 20.30

Ka-Soh Pork Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Spare Pork RibsSGD 21.30
Sweet & Sour PorkSGD 20.30
Oatmeal PorkSGD 20.30

Ka-Soh Chicken Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Roasted Crispy ChickenSGD 21.30
Prawn Paste ChickenSGD 17.30
Golden Dragon ChickenSGD 50.00
Hei ZhoSGD 12.80

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Ka-Soh Vegetables Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Three Eggs Poach SpinachSGD 20.15
Sambal Kang KongSGD 15.30
Beansprouts w Salted FishSGD 17.30
Kailan Stir Fry w GarlicSGD 15.30
Kailan Stir Fry w Oyster SauceSGD 15.30
Kailan Stir Fry w Chinese MushroomsSGD 19.30
Kang Kong w Prawn PasteSGD 15.30
Kang Kong w Prawn PasteSGD 15.30
Sambal Kang Kong w CuttlefishSGD 17.30
Youmai w GarlicSGD 15.30
Youmai w Fermented BeancurdSGD 15.30
Youmai w Dace FishSGD 15.30
Broccoli Stir Fry w GarlicSGD 15.30
Broccoli Stir Fry w Japanese MushroomsSGD 19.30
Luohan VegetablesSGD 16.30
Braised White Cabbage with Crab MeatSGD 19.30

Ka-Soh Dessert Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Red Bean PancakeSGD 12.00
House-made Almond JellySGD 4.00
House-made Herbal JellySGD 4.00
AcharSGD 6.50
Pork LardSGD 3.50
ChrysanthemumSGD 8.56
Ka-Soh Singapore Menu History

Is Ka-Soh Singapore Menu Halal?

No, Ka-Soh Singapore’s Menu is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Ka-Soh Singapore.

Ka-Soh Singapore – Location and Operating Hours

 22 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289218

Operating Hours

Tuesday – Sunday: 1:30 am–2 pm, 5:30–9 pm


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