Mikuni Singapore Menu & Prices Updated 2024

Greetings to all Japanese food Enthusiasts! Are you searching for the latest Mikuni Menu Prices? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve uploaded their complete Menu, complete with pictures and the latest prices. All the prices are sourced directly from Mikuni Singapore’s official channels. Enjoy your dining experience!

Mikuni Menu Prices 2024

Mikuni Singapore Menu can be categorized as Signature Starters, Soup, Prosperity Yusheng, Sushi & Sashimi, Maki Sushi, Tempura, Mains, Noodles & Rice, Dessert, and Beverages. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Mikuni Signature Starters Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Kampachi Carpacio Black Truffle SauceSGD 45.00
Surume Ika Karaage Truffle Miso DipSGD 28.00
Nama Yasai SaladSGD 25.00
Whole Lobster SaladSGD 95.00
Dashi Marinated Japanese TomatoSGD 18.00
Mikuni Onsen EggSGD 54.00
Awabi Chawan MushiSGD 45.00

Mikuni Soup Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Asari ClearSGD 18.00
Tender Abalone SeaweedSGD 45.00

Mikuni Prosperity Yusheng Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Fresh SalmonSGD 88.00
Hokkaido ScallopSGD 98.00
Slow Cooked AbaloneSGD 108.00
Mikuni SignatureSGD 208.00

Mikuni Sushi & Sashimi Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tokujou SashimiSGD 228.00
Jou SashimiSGD 128.00
Tokujou SushiSGD 138.00
Chirashi SushiSGD 138.00
ToroSGD 58.00
MaguroSGD 33.00
KampachiSGD 35.00
ShakeSGD 22.00
UniSGD 58.00
Shima AjiSGD 30.00
BotanebiSGD 48.00
HotateSGD 30.00
Aburi EngawaSGD 35.00
HirameSGD 30.00
KinmedaiSGD 35.00
TaiSGD 30.00
KawahagiSGD 35.00
Omni LuncheonSGD 26.00

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Mikuni Menu – Maki Sushi Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Mikuni Lobster MakiSGD 60.00
Dragon RollSGD 48.00
Ebiten RollSGD 25.00
SpiderSGD 24.00
Salmon Expression RollSGD 28.00
Crunchy Spicy TunaSGD 28.00
California RollSGD 45.00

Mikuni Tempura Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tempura MoriawaseSGD 43.00
AnagoSGD 25.00
EbitenSGD 40.00
MaitakeSGD 15.00
Hokkaido Sweet CornSGD 20.00
SatsumaSGD 15.00

Mikuni Mains Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Miyazaki SirloinSGD 228.00
Ohmi Daikichi FarmSGD 235.00
Tochigi Wagyu Sukiyaki KonabeSGD 98.00
Gindara Saikyo Miso YakiSGD 65.00
Unagi KabayakiSGD 50.00
Tochigi Beef Yaki Shabu ShabuSGD 110.00
Whole Boston Lobster Uni YakiSGD 95.00
Simmered Hokkaido Scallop ShellSGD 65.00
Kurobuta KakuniSGD 48.00
Yutofu Hot PotSGD 48.00
Omnimeat Luncheon UdonSGD 42.00
Kake UdonSGD 15.00
Koshihikari Steamed RiceSGD 8.00
Grilled VegetablesSGD 20.00

Mikuni Noodles & Rice Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tochigi Wagyu Soba / UdonSGD 58.00
Tempura Wakame Soba / UdonSGD 38.00
TendonSGD 48.00
Unagi DonSGD 54.00
Miyazaki Wagyu Beef DonSGD 145.00

Mikuni Dessert Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheese TartSGD 25.00
Shizuoka Matcha Financier CakeSGD 30.00
Hokkaido Milk Ice CreamSGD 18.00
Black Sesame Ice CreamSGD 18.00
Hokkaido Haskap Berry Ice CreamSGD 18.00
Yuzu SorbetSGD 18.00
Shizuoka Matcha Ice Cream MonakaSGD 15.00
Shizuoka MuskmelonSGD 50.00

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Mikuni Beverages Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Kirin DraughtSGD 12.00
SapporoSGD 13.00
LARGE Kirin DraughtSGD 20.00
Selection of Coffee or TWG SeriesSGD 8.00
Japanese TeaSGD 5.00
Acqua PannaSGD 12.00
San PellegrinoSGD 12.00
Nordaq Fresh WaterSGD 3.00
Soft DrinkSGD 8.00

Is Mikuni Singapore Halal?

No. Mikuni Singapore Is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Mikuni Singapore.

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