Sakae Sushi Singapore Menu & Prices Updated 2024

Hello Sushi Enthusiasts! Are you in search of the latest Sakae Sushi Menu Prices? You’ve landed in the perfect place. We’ve uploaded their complete Menu with Pictures and updated prices. These prices have been sourced directly from the official channels of Sakae Sushi Singapore.

Sakae Sushi Menu Prices 2024

Sakae Sushi Singapore menu can be categorized as Nigiri Sushi, Gunkan, Makimono, Duo to go Donburi, Onigirazu, Temaki, Udon, Aburi Sushi, Donburi, Sashimi, Sushi Moriawase, Side Orders, Tempura, Gozen & Salad, and Beverages. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Sakae Sushi Nigiri Sushi Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Ika Nigiri SushiSGD 3.60
Inari Nigiri SushiSGD 3.60
Unagi Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Aka Ebi Nigiri SushiSGD 9.50
Egg Mayo Inari Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Ebi Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Hamachi Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Shime Saba Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Tuna Mayo Inari Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Ebikko Inari Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Tamago Nigiri SushiSGD 3.60
Kanifumi Nigiri SushiSGD 3.60
Lobster Salad Inari Nigiri SushiSGD 9.50
Nama Hotate Nigiri SushiSGD 9.50
Mekajiki Nigiri SushiSGD 5.90
Salmon Nigiri SushiSGD 3.60
Salmon Mentai Inari Nigiri SushiSGD 9.50
Tako Nigiri SushiSGD 3.60

Sakae Sushi Gunkan Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tobikko Cheese Gunkan SushiSGD 5.90
Ikura Gunkan SushiSGD 9.50
Lobster Salad Gunkan SushiSGD 5.90
Chuka Wakame Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Chuka Kurage Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Tuna Mayo Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Spicy Salmon Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Smoked Duck Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Egg Mayo Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Ebiko Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Chuka Hotate Gunkan SushiSGD 3.60
Tobiko Gunkan SushiSGD 5.90

Sakae Sushi Makimono Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tekka MakimonoSGD 3.60
Oshinko MakimonoSGD 3.60
Tamago MakimonoSGD 3.60
Kappa MakimonoSGD 3.60
Kani MakimonoSGD 3.60
Salmon Hana MakimonoSGD 9.50
Salmon MakimonoSGD 3.60
Futo MakimonoSGD 13.70
Soft Shell Crab MakimonoSGD 16.10
California Mini MakimonoSGD 11.30

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Sakae Sushi Duo to Go Donburi Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Duo Chicken Katsu DonSGD 30.60
Duo Yakiniku Black Pepper DonSGD 35.31
Duo Oyako DonSGD 35.31
Duo Sakae DonSGD 40.02
Duo Unatama DonSGD 37.66
Duo Gyu Teriyaki DonSGD 35.31
Duo Salmon Ikura DonSGD 37.66
Duo Teriyaki Chicken DonSGD 28.25

Sakae Sushi Onigirazu Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Katsu OnigirazuSGD 8.24
Lobster Salad OnigirazuSGD 8.83
Unagi OnigirazuSGD 9.42
Ebi OnigirazuSGD 8.24
Spicy Salmon OnigirazuSGD 9.42
Tamago OnigirazuSGD 7.65

Sakae Sushi Temaki Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Skin Cheese TemakiSGD 3.60
Ebi Tempura TemakiSGD 5.90
California TemakiSGD 3.60
Ebi Fry TemakiSGD 5.90
Spicy Salmon TemakiSGD 3.60
Lobster Salad TemakiSGD 5.90
Soft Shell Crab TemakiSGD 5.90

Sakae Sushi Udon Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Cha SobaSGD 13.70
Beef UdonSGD 19.70
Tempura UdonSGD 20.80
Teriyaki Chicken UdonSGD 18.50

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Sakae Sushi Aburi Sushi Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Set Aburi SushiSGD 13.70
Combo Set Aburi SushiSGD 23.20

Sakae Sushi Donburi Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Yakiniku Black Pepper DonSGD 19.70
Salmon Ikura DonSGD 20.80
Unatama DonSGD 20.80
Gyu Teriyaki DonSGD 19.70
Sakae DonSGD 22.00
Teriyaki Chicken DonSGD 16.10
Oyako DonSGD 19.70
Chicken Katsu DonSGD 17.30

Sakae Sushi Menu – Sashimi Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
SalmonSGD 9.50
HamachiSGD 9.50
MekajikiSGD 9.50

Sakae Sushi Menu Sushi Moriawase Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Aburi ZukushiSGD 28.00
Salmon ZukushiSGD 28.00

Sakae Sushu Side Orders Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Ebi FrySGD 3.60
Miso SoupSGD 3.60
ChawanmushiSGD 3.60
Smoked DuckSGD 6.60
Potato TotsSGD 6.60
Chicken NuggetsSGD 6.60
Agedashi TofuSGD 7.80
Fried HotateSGD 3.60
Potato TotsSGD 6.60
Fried TofuSGD 3.60
TakoyakiSGD 3.60

Sakae Sushi Tempura Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Yasai TempuraSGD 11.30
Yasai KakiageSGD 3.60

Sakae Sushi Gozen & Salad Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Salmon Teriyaki With Chicken Karaage GozenSGD 22.00

Sakae Sushi Beverages Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Coca ColaSGD 3.53
A&W Root BeerSGD 3.53
SpriteSGD 3.53

Is Sakae Sushi Singapore Halal?

Yes, Sakae Sushi Singapore Is Officially Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Sakae Sushi Singapore.

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