Shake Farm Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Hello shake lovers, are you in search of the most recent Shake Farm Menu Prices? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place! We have uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and updated prices. All the prices have been sourced directly from Shake Farm Singapore’s official channels.

Shake Farm Singapore Menu 2024

Shake Farm Singapore Menu can be categorized as Breakfast Shakes, Protein Shakes, Natures Remedies, Detox Diet Shakes, Super Toasts, Protein Bowls, Breakfast bowls, Super Salads, Pita Pockets, Acai Bowls, and Chia Bowls. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

Shake Farm Breakfast Shakes Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsRegularMediumLarge
Breakfast BlendSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Sunrise ShakeSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Morning MenderSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Early EnergizerSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00

Shake Farm Protein Shakes Prices

Menu ItemsRegularMediumLarge
Power PumpSGD 9.00SGD 11.00SGD 13.00
Clean CutSGD 9.00SGD 11.00SGD 13.00
Muscle MaxSGD 9.00SGD 11.00SGD 13.00
Super StrenthSGD 9.00SGD 11.00SGD 13.00

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Shake Farm Natures Remedies Prices

Menu ItemsRegularMediumLarge
Body BoostSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Stress LessSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Antioxidant AffairSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Hangover HealerSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00

Shake Farm Menu Detox Diet Shakes Prices

Menu ItemsRegularMediumLarge
Clean CleanseSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Fat FighterSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Deep DetoxSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00
Summer SlimmerSGD 8.00SGD 10.00SGD 12.00

Shake Farm Super Toasts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Eggs & AvocadoSGD 7.00
Wholesome HummusSGD 7.00
Go GreekSGD 7.00
Banana NutterSGD 7.00

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Shake Farm Protein Bowls Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Grandma’s RoastSGD 16.00
Beef BrosSGD 16.00
MexicanaSGD 15.00
VeganliciousSGD 16.00
All Day BrunchSGD 18.00

Shake Farm Breakfast Bowls Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Morning MixSGD 9.00
Totally TropicalSGD 9.00
Coco CrunchSGD 9.00
Apple CrumbleSGD 9.00
A Complete Menu of Shake Farm
Image Source: Shake Farm

Shake Farm Super Salads Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
The Super SaladSGD 14.00
Mighty MexicanSGD 14.00
Perfect PestoSGD 14.00
Green GoodnessSGD 16.00

Shake Farm Menu Pita Pockets Prices

Menu Items
Chick-A-PitaSGD 10.00
TunaliciousSGD 10.00
Healthy HummusSGD 10.00
Let’s Go PestoSGD 10.00

Shake Farm Acai Bowls Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
The Super BowlSGD 12.00
Mighty MangoSGD 12.00
Awesome AvocadoSGD 12.00
Tropical BlissSGD 15.00

Shake Farm Chia Bowls Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Man Goes ChiaSGD 10.00
Cha Cha ChiaSGD 10.00
ChocochiaSGD 10.00
Muscle ChiaSGD 12.00

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Shake Farm Singapore.

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