Sinpopo Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Hello, food lovers! Are you in search of the most up-to-date menu prices at Sinpopo? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. We have uploaded their complete Menu, with appetizing pictures and prices. All the prices have been obtained from the official sources of Sinpopo Singapore.

Sinpopo Singapore Menu 2024

Sinpopo Singapore menu can be categorized as Starters & Appetizers, Communal Dining, Specials, Condiments & Others, and Plated Desserts. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

Sinpopo Starters & Appetizers Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Caramelised Hae Bi Hiam CashewsSGD 6.00
Calamari & You Tiao RojakSGD 15.00
Har Jeong Kai WingsSGD 12.00
Satay AyamSGD 16.00
Jambu Jack SaladSGD 12.00
A tempting array of starters and appetizers that showcase the unique flavours of Sinpopo cuisine.

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Sinpopo Communal Dining Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Bak Kut Teh 2-WaysSGD 20.00
Auntie Mei’s Salted Vegetables Duck SoupSGD 20.00
Smoky Savoy CabbageSGD 16.00
Ladies Fingers & Eggplant SambalSGD 14.00
Fei Po Char SiewSGD 18.00
Beef Cheek RendangSGD 23.00
Ayam BakarSGD 22.00
Sotong HitamSGD 18.00
Curry CrayfishSGD 32.00
Assam Sambal PrawnSGD 18.00
 A joyous gathering of friends and family enjoying a communal dining experience at Sinpopo.

Sinpopo Condiments & Others Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Lemak RiceSGD 3.00
Steamed Jasmine RiceSGD 2.00
Extra Ikan Bilis SambalSGD 2.00
Fried Soft-Centered Sambal EggSGD 4.00
Pork Lard Hae Bi Hiam SambalSGD 3.00

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Sinpopo Plated Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Gula Melaka JellySGD 12.00
Durian Pengat Creme BruleeSGD 14.00
Pulut Tai TaiSGD 16.00
Durian Sticky RiceSGD 16.00
Tempting and visually stunning desserts that showcase the artistry of Sinpopo's pastry chefs.

Sinpopo Menu Specials Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Sinpopo Signature Nasi LemakSGD 22.00
Sinpopo’s Famous Dry Mee SiamSGD 20.00
Crab Bee HoonSGD 20.00
Crayfish Curry PhoSGD 23.00
Baked Miso Cod Hor FunSGD 23.00

Is Sinpopo Singapore Halal?

No, Sinpopo Singapore is not Halal Certified because they use alcohol as one of their ingredients.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Sinpopo Singapore.

Sinpopo Singapore Location and Opening Hours


310 Orchard Road, Tang Plaza #02-22/27/29, S238864
CONTACT NO.:  65303825

Funan Mall, #01-K02
107 North Bridge Road, S(179105)
Store No.: 6970 1080
Opening Hours:
MON – THURS: 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
FRIDAY: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
SAT-SUN: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


Square 2, #01-20
10 Sinaran Drive, S(307506)
Store No.: 6256 5966
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


The Paragon, #B1-33
290 Orchard Road, S(238859)
Store No.: 6365 1772
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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