Skai Singapore Menu & Prices Updated 2024

Hello food lovers, are you in search of the most recent SKAI Menu Prices? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and updated prices. All the prices have been sourced directly from SKAI Singapore’s official channels.

Skai Singapore Menu Prices 2024

SKAI Singapore A La Carte menu includes The House of Kaviari, Artisanal Beef, Sharing Cuts, Sides, Mains, Small Plates, Sides 8, Desserts, & Kids Menu.

Skai the House of Kaviari Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Kaviari Kristal Caviar 30G
From the sturgeon Acipenser Schrenki . This is the favourite caviar ofchefs and connoisseurs. Deep golden colour, firm in texture andexhibiting classic nutty flavours.
SGD 150.00
Kaviari Oscietre Caviar 15G
Caviar from sturgeon Acipenser Gueldenstaedti. Its grains aregood-sized, regular, amber-coloured. Subtle and marine flavours
SGD 75.00

Skai Sourced Artisanal Beef Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Miyazaki Wagyu, Japan, A4 
100% Purebred Japanese Wagyu,Crowned the “Champion Cow” from Miyachiku co-op200g New York Strip
SGD 135.00
Westholme, Wagyu, Australia, MB5
Founded on champion Japanese wagyu bulls raised in Queensland 200g Tenderloin
SGD 95.00
Wylarah, Wagyu, Australia, MB8
100% Purebred Japanese Wagyu,Born wild and raised on vast pastures in East Queensland250g New York Strip
SGD 125.00
John Stone, Ireland, 32 Days Dry Aged
The best Irish beef reared on the freshest, greenest grass in Ireland300g Rib Eye
SGD 95.00
Saga, Wagyu, Japan, A5
From the Saga prefecture known for its calm climate, clean air and water160g Tenderloin
SGD 155.00
Tenderloin Oscar
Lump Crab Meat, Asparagus, Tarragon225g TenderloinComes with choice of one sauce and one side
SGD 115.00
A complete menu of Skai A Le Carte of Skai Singapore

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Skai Sharing Cuts for 2 Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
F1 Wagyu cattle with prominent Tajima Bloodlines1kg Tomahawk
SGD 280.00
Raised on the lush green pastures in Northern Queensland 900g Porterhouse Comes with choice of two sauce and two side
SGD 210.00

Skai a la Carte Sides Prices

Menu Items
House Salad
Roasted Mushrooms
Hokkaido Corn
Hand-Cut Chips

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Skai Small Plates Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Crab Cake
Romanesco, Chili, Daikon Salad
SGD 36.00
Irish Oysters 
2 pieces
SGD 20.00
Irish Oysters 
4 pieces
SGD 38.00
Irish Oysters 
6 pieces
SGD 56.00
Blackmore Wagyu Tataki
Lotus, Kohlrabi, Ponzu, Smoked Roe
SGD 28.00
Stuffed Shiitake
Pork, Ginger, Bacon Mayo, Katsuobushi
SGD 24.00
Smoked Burrata
Sudachi Avocado, Passion Fruit, Nori
SGD 22.00
Scallop & Salmon Tartar
Smoked Aioli, Tempura Anchovy, Yuzu
SGD 26.00
Foie Gras
Mango, Spiced Popcorn, Peanut Satay
SGD 34.00
Crispy Tofu
White Miso, Cabbage, Kombu & Radish
SGD 20.00
Crab Cake

Skai Mains Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Cod
Cooked in Seaweed, Green Pea Gnocchi, Clam Butter
SGD 70.00
Chickpea Sweetcorn Cake
Courgette & Aubergine Succotash, Togarashi, Herb Pesto
SGD 46.00
Free Range Chicken
Maitake Mushroom Tortellini, Bourbon Plum, Soy Peanut
SGD 58.00
Rhug Organic Lamb Rack
Lamb Shoulder, Caramelized Cauliflower, Curry Spice
SGD 65.00
Grilled Lobster
Crab Squid Ink Spaghetti, Bonito, Garlic & Caper Oil
SGD 74.00
Westholme Wagyu, Flat Iron
Endive Salad, Asian Spice
SGD 75.00

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Menu Items
House Salad
Ginger Honey Dressing
Hokkaido Corn
BBQ, Butter
Roasted Mushrooms
Parsley, Garlic
Hand-Cut Chips
Tosaka Salt
Rapeseed Oil, Yuzu
Skai Mains Menu Prices

Skai Desserts Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake (For Two)
Cherry, Jubilee, Cherry Sorbet
SGD 34.00
Chocolate Sphere
Orange Confit, Peta Zeta, Chocolate Ice Cream
SGD 24.00
Amber Peach
Honeycomb, Cream Fraiche, Honey Mochi, Yogurt Ice Cream
SGD 20.00
Strawberry Trifle
Lemongrass Jelly, Basil Sorbet, Strawberries
SGD 22.00
William Pear
Confit, Millefeuille Soil, Elderflower Ice Cream
SGD 22.00
Cheese Platter
Truffle Honey, Cheese Biscuits
SGD 28.00
Baked Vanilla Cheesecake (For Two)

Skai Singapore Kids Menu Prices

Main Course

Menu ItemsPrice
Breaded Fish and ChipsSGD 32.00
Braised Beef Short Rib With MashSGD 32.00
Tomato Linguini With AsparagusSGD 27.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Chocolate CakeSGD 20.00
Selection of Homemade Ice CreamSGD 17.00
Skai Kids Menu with Prices

Skai Singapore Menu Pictures
Set Lunch Menu

A complete Menu of Lunch Set Menu of Skai Singapore

SKAI High Tea

Skai High Tea Menu with Prices

4 Course Menu

four Course Set Menu

Skai Wine Menu

A complete menu of wine of Skai Singapore

Skai Beverages

Skai Martini

Is Skai Singapore Halal?

No, Skai Singapore is not Halal because they serve alcoholic beverages.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Skai Singapore.

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