Sunday Folks Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Hello Ice Cream Cake Lovers, are you looking for the latest Menu and Prices of Sunday Folks Singapore? Then you have reached the right place. We have uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and the latest prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of Sunday Folks Singapore.

Sunday Folks Singapore Menu 2024

Sunday Folks Singapore Menu can be categorized as ce Cream Cakes, Celebration Cakes, Brunch, Artisanal Ice Cream Pints, The Sweets of Sunday Folks, Add Ons, Coffee, Cocoa, & Iced Quenchers. Now, let’s see the detail of each item one by one.

Sunday Folks Ice Cream Cakes Prices

Pavlova Ice Cream Cake 5.5″SGD 85.80
Ispahan Ice Cream Cake 4″SGD 52.80
Pavlova Ice Cream Petit Gateau – SliceSGD 14.20
Été Ice Cream Petit Gateau – SliceSGD 14.20
Marrakesh Ice Cream Petit Gateau – SliceSGD 16.50
Noisette Ice Cream Petit GateauSGD 16.50

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Sunday Folks Celebration Cake Menu With Price

Deep Dark Wonderland 7″SGD 96.80
Cherī White Forest 7″SGD 107.80
Merry Berries Charlotte 6″SGD 85.80
Cherī White Forest – SliceSGD 14.20
Merry Berries Charlotte – SliceSGD 10.60
Winter Yuzu & Lychee Cake – SliceSGD 10.60
Deep Dark Wonderland – SliceSGD 10.60

Sunday Folks Artisanal Ice Cream Pints Prices

Raspberry Rose with LycheeSGD 20.90
Sea Salt Gula Melaka KacangSGD 20.90
Ice Cream Pints TrioSGD 60.00
Peppermint Marshmallow FluffSGD 20.90
Earl Grey Lavender with Toasted Almond ThinsSGD 20.90
Crunchy Creme CaramelSGD 20.90

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The Sweets of Sunday Folks Menu

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Honeycomb (3 x 40g)SGD 19.80
Caramel Marshmallow (3 x 35g)SGD 11.00
The Frozen Waffles of Sunday FolksSGD 16.50
Waffle Bundle DuoSGD 52.80
Waffle Bundle TrioSGD 71.50
Almond Thins (3 x 40g)SGD 19.80
The Frozen Waffles of Sunday Folks

Sunday Folks Add Ons Prices

Party Plate Set – Set of 5SGD 4.50
Foil Candles – Box of 6SGD 5.00
Gold Happy Birthday TopperSGD 3.00

Sunday Folks Brunch Menu

Toasted Nuts & Berries GranolaSGD 9.50
Freshly Baked CrofflesSGD 14.20

Sunday Folks Beverages Menu With Price


White CoffeeSGD 7.10
Iced White CoffeeSGD 8.30
Black CoffeeSGD 5.90
Iced Black CoffeeSGD 7.10
PiccoloSGD 6.50
MochaSGD 7.70
Iced MochaSGD 8.90
Blackout Cold BrewSGD 8.30


Hot CocoaSGD 7.10
Iced CocoaSGD 8.30

Iced Quenchers

Lychee & Melon Mangosteen Tea FizzSGD 8.90
Watermelon Lime & Mint PopSGD 8.90

Is Sunday Folks Singapore Halal?

No, Sunday Folks Singapore Is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels Sunday Folks Singapore.

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