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Yassin Kampung Menu 2024

Yassin Kampung Singapore Menu Can be Classified as Western, Rice, Noodles, Chicken, Egg, Fish, Fish, Crab, Beef, Beef, Prawn, Seafood, Soup, Vegetables, Side Dish, Dessert, and Beverages. Let’s Explain them one by one in detail.

Yassin Kampung Singapore Western
Yassin Kampung Singapore Prawn & Seafood
Yassin Kampung Singapore Eggs & Soup
Yassin Kampung Singapore Chicken & Duck
Yassin Kampung Singapore Set C
Yassin Kampung Singapore Vegetable
Yassin Kampung Singapore Noodles
Yassin Kampung Singapore Drinks
Yassin Kampung Singapore Beef & Side
Yassin Kampung Singapore Rice
Yassin Kampung Singapore Fish & Crab
Yassin Kampung Singapore Desserts & Cakes
Yassin Kampung Singapore Set A
RestaurantYassin Kampung Singapore
Address676 Woodlands Drive 71, #01-03, Singapore 730676
Delivery TimingMonday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 6717 1717
PaymentsDebit cards.

Yassin Kampung Western Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Chicken ChopSGD 11.00
Crispy Chicken CutletSGD 11.00
Breaded Fish & ChipSGD 12.00
Grilled Masala FishSGD 13.00
Grilled Lamb ChopSGD 18.20
Seafood Mala PastaSGD 13.00
Sausage Aglo Olio PastaSGD 10.00
Seafood Aglio PastaSGD 12.00
Seafood Marinara PastaSGD 12.00
Chicken Carbonara with Turkey Bacon PastaSGD 12.00
Mushroom SoupSGD 5.00
Calamari WingsSGd 8.10
Buffalo WingsSGD 8.10
Truffle FriesSGD 9.10
Cheese FriesSGD 6.10
French FriesSGD 4.00
Nacho ChipsSGD 8.10
ColeslawSGD 3.00
Butter RiceSGD 3.00

Yassin Kampung Rice Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Sichuan Mala Fragrant FishSGD 45.10
Sichuan Mala Fried CrabSGD 47.50
Sichuan Mala Crispy PrawnSGD 26.10
Sichuan Mala Diced ChickenSGD 17.66
Kampung Fried RiceSGD 7.10
Seafood Fried RiceSGD 7.10
Chicken Fried RiceSGD 7.10
Kerangi Fried RiceSGD 7.10
Beef Fried RiceSGD 7.66
Salted Fish Fried RiceSGD 7.70
Thai Fried RiceSGD 8.30
Pineapple Fried RiceSGD 8.30
Pataya Fried RiceSGD 9.50
Cereal Fried RiceSGD 9.50
Dry Chilli Chicken with RiceSGD 8.90
Sambal Prawn with RiceSGD 8.90
Sambal Fish with RiceSGD 8.90
Sambal Sotong with RiceSGD 8.90
Sweet and Sour Fish with RiceSGD 8.90
Black Pepper Prawn with RiceSGD 8.90
Ayam Paprik with RIceSGD 8.83
Curry Chicken with RiceSGD 10.10
Kampung Ayam Penyet with RiceSGD 10.70
Ikan Penyet with RiceSGD 11.90
Fried Rice with Chicken CutletSGD 9.50
Fried Rice with Ayam KunyitSGD 9.50
Fried Rice with Butter PrwanSGD 9.50
Fried Rice with Daging MerahSGD 9.50
Fried Rice with Black Pepper ChickenSGD 9.50
Fried Rice with TempuraSGD 9.50
Hotplate RiceSGD 10.10
Steamed White RiceSGD 1.70
Ikan Bakar with RiceSGD 12.36
Ayam Bakar with RIceSGD 10.70
Kampung PorridgeSGD 7.10

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Yassin Kampung Noodles Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mee Goreng KampungSGD 7.10
Mee Hong KongSGD 7.10
Hor FunSGD 7.10
Mee Soup NoodleSGD 7.10
Fried Kway Teow with KerangSGD 7.10
Bee Hoon Goreng PuithSGD 7.10
Mee Goreng BeefSGD 7.70
Beef Hor FunSGD 7.70
Mee BandungSGD 7.70
Mee Chilli BeefSGD 7.70
Mee Tom YumSGD 8.30
Black Pepper Beef Hor FunSGD 8.30
Crispy NoodleSGD 8.30
Hong Kong Mee DrySGD 8.30
Fried Fish Noodle SoupSGD 8.30
Seafood White Bee HoonSGD 8.30
Mee Goreng PatayaSGD 9.50
Crispy Ipoh Hor FunSGD 10.10
Mee Goreng TempuraSGD 10.10
Claypot Fried Tang Hoon with PrwnSGD 17.80
Hotplace MeeSGD 10.10

Yassin Kampung Chicken Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Kampung Durian ChickenSGD 23.80
Ayam Goreng with Thai SauceSGD 22.60
Butter Milk with Salted Egg Yolk ChickenSGD 16.60
Ayam KunyitSGD 15.40
Curry ChickenSGD 15.40
Hotplate Black Pepper ChickenSGD 15.30
Hotplate Dry Chilli ChickenSGD 15.40
Lemon ChickenSGD 15.30
Crispy Oat ChickenSGD 15.40
Sweet and Sour ChickenSGD 15.40
Kampung Spicy Chicken WingSGD 15.40
Kampung Signature DuckSGD 19.00

Yassin Kampung Egg Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef OmeletteSGD 10.70
Mushroom OmeletteSGD 9.50
Prawn OmeletteSGD 10.70
Kampung Spicy OmeletteSGD 11.90
Onion OmeletteSGD 9.50

Yassin Kampung Fish Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
3 Flavoured FishSGD 41.60
Hong Kong Style Steamed FishSGD 41.60
Sweet and Sour FishSGD 41.60
Teochew Steamed FishSGD 41.60
Lemon Steamed FishSGD 41.60
Curry Fish HeadSGD 29.70
Sweet and SOur Sliced FishSGD 15.40
Kampung Signature FishSGD 41.60

Yassin Kampung Crab Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Pepper CrabSGD 44.73
BUtter MIlk with Salted Egg Yolk CrabSGD 45.10
Fried Butter Garlic CrabSGD 45.10
BunSGD 7.10
Chilli CrabSGD 45.10

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Yassin Kampung Beef Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
3 Flavoured BeefSGD 15.40
Daging KunyitSGD 15.40
Dry Chilli BeefSGD 15.30
Hotplate Black Pepper BeefSGD 15.40
Daging MerahSGD 15.40
Ginger Spring Onion BeefSGD 15.40

Yassin Kampung Prawn Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Salted Egg Yolk PrawnSGD 23.80
Fried Butter PrawnSGD 21.40
Black Pepper PrawnSGD 21.40
Sambal PrawnSGD 21.40
Crispy Oat PrawnSGD 21.40
Prawn FrittersSGD 21.40

Yassinkampung Seafood Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Baby SquidSGD 15.40
Black Pepper SotongSGD 15.40
Sambal SotongSGD 15.40
Crispy Oat SotongSGD 15.40
Sotong FrittersSGD 15.40
Kerang RebusSGD 11.90
SambalSGD 15.40
BBQ Sambal StingraySGD 17.80

Yassin Kampung Soup Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tom Yum SoupSGD 11.90
Beef SoupSGD 11.90
Chicken SoupSGD 11.90
Salted Vegetable Beancurd SoupSGD 11.90
Seafood Bitter Gourd SoupSGD 11.90
Seafood soupSGD 11.90
Soup EkorSGD 11.90

Yassin Kampung Vegetable Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Hotplate BeancurdSGD 15.40
Baby Kailan SamabalSgd 10.70
Baby Kailan SambalSGD 10.70
Baby Kailan with Oyster SauceSGD 10.70
Baby Kailan with Salted FishSGD 10.70
Baby Kailan with BeefSGd 15.40
Broccoli with BeefSGd 15.40
Chap ChaiSGD 11.90
Kang Kong BelacanSGd 10.70
Ladu Fingeer SambalSGD 11.90
Sambal Binjai with ChickenSGD 11.90
Bean Sprouts with Salted FishSGD 11.90
Long BEan SambalSGD 10.70

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Yassin Kampung Side Dish Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tau Fu Foreng ThaiSGD 10.70
Golden Crispy PlatterSGD 17.80
Uar Char Kuch SotongSGD 10.70
Kampung Satay PlatterSGD 10.70
KeropokSGD 10.70

Yassin Kampung Dessert Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Thai Coconut Ice CReamSGD 6.50
Ice KacangSGD 5.30
Durian Ice KacangSGD 8.90
Strawberry Ice KacangSGD 7.70
ChendolSGD 5.30
Durian ChendolSGD 8.90
Iced Grass JellySGD 5.30
Iced Grass Jelly with LimeSGD 5.30
Banana Choro CheeseSGD 8.30
Milo Ice KacangSGD 8.30

Yassin Kampung Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Bottled Mineral WaterSGD 2.85
Iced RoseSGD 2.90
Iced Rose with LemonSGD 3.00
Iced BandungSGD 3.30
Iced Lime JuiceSGD 3.30
Iced LonganSGD 4.80
Iced LycheeSGD 4.80
CoffeeSGd 1.80
TeaSGD 1.80
Teh TarikSGD 2.10
MIloSGD 2.10
Chinese TeaSGD 2.10
Ginger TeaSGD 2.10
Chrysanthemum TeaSGD 2.10
Lemon TeaSGD 2.40
Honey Lemon BeverageSGD 3.60
Lime WaterSGD 2.10
Thai Milk TeaSGD 4.20

About Yassin Kampung Singapore Menu

Established in 2002, Yassin Kampung Singapore capitalizes on Singapore’s strong heritage of kampong spirit (community spirit) and love for seafood. Their menu focuses on classic and comforting dishes like laksa and other seafood specialities, capturing the essence of nostalgic Singaporean cuisine. With rustic decor and a family-oriented environment, they strive to recreate the warmth and togetherness of kampong life, offering a taste of Singapore’s culinary past at affordable prices.

Best Selling Items of Yassin Kampung Singapore Menu

Seafood Sensations: As a seafood specialist, dishes like signature Chilli Crab, showcasing succulent crab in a flavorful sauce, are likely best sellers. Other popular options could be Prawn Fritters or Claypot Prawns with various preparations.
Nostalgic Noodles: Classic Singaporean noodle dishes like comforting Laksa, a rich and spicy coconut curry noodle soup, or Mee Goreng variations (fried noodles) are crowd-pleasing options.
Kampong Comfort (Possible): Traditional dishes associated with Singapore’s kampong past, like Nasi Lemak (fragrant coconut rice) or Ayam Goreng (fried chicken), could be popular choices, offering a taste of home-style cooking.

FAQs of Yassin Kampung Singapore Menu

Established in 2002, Yassin Kampung has been offering a taste of Singapore’s culinary heritage for over two decades.

While their focus is on seafood and meat dishes, they might have vegetarian options like vegetable curries or tofu dishes. It’s always best to check the menu or ask the staff.

The ambiance is likely casual and family-oriented, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that evokes the spirit of kampong life.

They likely offer a selection of beverages like soft drinks, iced tea, and perhaps traditional Malay beverages to complement your meal.

It’s best to call them directly to inquire about reservations, especially during peak hours.

They might have limited private dining options for larger groups. It’s always best to contact the restaurant directly to inquire about availability.

Is Yassin Kampung Singapore Menu Halal?

Yes, Yassin Kampung Singapore Menu is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Yassin Kampung Singapore

Yassin Kampung Singapore – Location and Operating Hours

676 Woodlands Drive 71, #01-03, Singapore 730676

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 10:30 pm


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