Akimitsu Singapore Menu & Prices 2024

Greetings to all food lovers! If you’re searching for the latest Akimitsu Menu Prices? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have their complete Menu with Pictures and updated prices. All the prices are sourced directly from Akimitsu Singapore official channels.

Akimitsu Menu Prices 2024

Akimitsu Singapore Menu can be categorized as Tendon, Tempura Set, Tempura Udon Set, Seafood, Vegetables, Egg, Kakiage, and Beverages. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Akimitsu Tendon Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Ebi TendonSGD 15.00
Asakusa TendonSGD 17.00
Edomae TendonSGD 13.00
Vegetables TendonSGD 11.50

Akimitsu Tempura Set Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Ebi Tempura SetSGD 16.00
Asakusa Tempura SetSGD 18.00
Edomae Tempura SetSGD 14.00
Vegetables Tempura SetSGD 12.50

Akimitsu Tempura Udon Set Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Ebi Udon SetSGD 19.00
Asakusa Udon SetSGD 21.00
Edomae Udon SetSGD 17.00
Vegetable Udon SetSGD 15.50

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Akimitsu Seafood Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
PrawnSGD 3.25
Herring RoeSGD 3.00
OysterSGD 4.00
SalmonSGD 3.00
Giant ScallopSGD 5.80
Eel (Unagi)SGD 3.80

Akimitsu Vegetable Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
PumpkinSGD 1.80
Egg PlantSGD 1.80
Lotus RootSGD 1.80
YamSGD 1.80
BroccoliSGD 1.80
Cherry TomatoSGD 1.50
Shishito PepperSGD 1.50
King Oyster MushroomSGD 1.80
Brown MushroomSGD 1.80

Akimitsu Egg Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Onsen TamagoSGD 3.50
Ajitama (Seasoned Egg)SGD 2.50

Akimitsu Kakiage Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Squid KakiageSGD 4.50
Seafood KakiageSGD 5.00
Prawn KakiageSGD 4.80
Vegetable KakiageSGD 3.80

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Akimitsu Beverages Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Green TeaSGD 1.50
CokeSGD 2.00
Coke ZeroSGD 2.00
Canada DrySGD 2.00
NesteaSGD 2.00
Sparkling WaterSGD 3.50

Is Akimitsu Singapore Halal?

Yes, Akimitsu Singapore Is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Akimitsu Singapore.

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