Bearded Bella Singapore Menu & Latest Price List 2024

Greetings to all Foodies, Are you searching for the latest Menu and Prices of Bearded Bella Singapore? You’re in the right place! We’ve uploaded their complete Menu with the latest prices, all sourced from Bearded Bella’s official channels.

Bearded Bella Mains Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
oast (v)SGD 10.00
No bs brekkieSGD 28.00
Scallop & cold pastaSGD 22.00
Salmon, pistachio, rostiSGD 26.00
Kookoo v2 (v)SGD 25.00
Crab croissantSGD 28.00
Smashed avocado (v)SGD 26.00
Eggstraordinary eggs & snagsSGD 26.00
Grilled cheese and prosciutto sandwichSGD 23.00
Green harissa duck burgerSGD 28.00
Corned beef maple toastSGD 28.00
Barbecue jackfruit & cauliflower riceSGD 18.00
Cheesy fusilli with bacon (or so you think 😉 (vegan|gf)SGD 20.00
Yuzu pepper chicken saladSGD 20.00
Epic brekkieSGD 25.00
Pain perdu (aka fancy af french toast)SGD 20.00

Bearded Bella Chia Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Cooler than a/c (regular/large)SGD 14/SGD 16
Fruity pebbles (regular/large)SGD 15/SGD 17
Chia pudding (v)SGD 18

Bearded Bella Sides (for your main) Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Egg (sunny / poached / scrambled)SGD 2.00
Sourdough / multigrain / english muffin toastSGD 3.00
FetaSGD 2.50
BaconSGD 3.00
AvocadoSGD 3.00
HaloumiSGD 3.50
Mixed greensSGD 4.00
Torched salmon bellySGD 4.00
Chorizo sausageSGD 6.00
Mixed shroomsSGD 6.00
Australian grass-fed ribeye steak 100gSGD 12.00

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Bearded Bella Small Plates Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Devilled eggsSGD 8
Roasted broccoliSGD 12
Mac & cheese croquettesSGD 12
Layered hummusSGD 12
Potato wedgesSGD 12
Cheat day all day everydaySGD 19

Bearded Bella Sandwich (Takeaways Only) Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Confit duck croissantSGD 12
Tangy jambalaya chickenSGD 10
Prosciutto & brieSGD 13
Truffle spinach shroomsSGD 13

Bearded Bella Desserts Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Sticky Date PuddingSGD 12

Bearded Bella Homemade Cakes Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Coffee, rum and raisinSGD 12
LamingtonSGD 6
Lemon curd cakeSGD 6.50
Chai tea cakeSGD 9
Carrot cakeSGD 8
Chocolate bundt cakeSGD 8
Marjolaine cake (gf)SGD 9

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Bearded Bella Homemade Bakes Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Chocolate chip cookieSGD 2.50
Plain croissantSGD 5.00
Hazelnut chocolate croissantSGD 7.90
Coffee apple cinnamon muffinSGD 4.50
Maple granola muffinSGD 4.50
Salmon tuna muffinSGD 5.00
Peanut chocolate muffinSGD 6.50
Sea salt brownieSGD 5.00
Matcha financierSGD 5.00
Blueberry sconesSGD 6.90

Bearded Bella Homemade Quiches Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Mushroom quicheSGD 6.50
Bacon & asparagus quicheSGD 7.00
Sundried tomato and tofu quiche (vegan & gf)SGD 6.50
Jackfruit and sweet potato quiche (vegan & gf)SGD 6.50

Bearded Bella For your Pups Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef bark-kwaSGD 15.20
Something fishySGD 10.20
Roo chewsSGD 12.90
Goldie blocksSGD 10.20
Pumpkin delightSGD 12.90
MuttballsSGD 10.90

Bearded Bella Hot Coffee Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Coffee 3oz / 5oz / 8 ozSGD 4.5 / SGD 5 / SGD 5.5
White Coffee 3oz / 5oz / 8ozSGD 4.5 / SGD 5 / SGD 5.5
Espresso single / doubleSGD 4 / SGD 4.5
Filter BrewSGD 9

Bearded Bella Cold Coffee Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced WhiteSGD 6.50
Iced BlackSGD 5.50
Iced Filter BrewSGD 9.00
White Cold Brew 250ml / 1 litre now available, limited quantities onlySGD  9/35
Black Cold BrewSGD 12.00
Coffee SlushieSGD 7.50

Bearded Bella Hot Chocolate Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Dominican Republic 72%SGD 7.50
Uganda 80%SGD 7.50
BabycinoSGD 3.50

Bearded Bella Iced Chocolate Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Ivory Coast & Ghana 55%SGD 8.00

Bearded Bella Chai Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Homemade chai latteSGD 7.00

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Is Bearded Bella Singapore Halal?

No, Bearded Bella Singapore is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Bearded Bella Singapore.

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