Black Society Singapore Menu & Updated Prices 2024

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Black Society Menu 2024

Black Society Singapore Menu can be categorized as Soups, Warm Starters, Cold Starters, Porridge, Bento Sets, Rice Balls, Pan-Fried & Stir-Fried, Deep-Fried, Noodles, Rice, Poultry & Meat, Beancurd Egg Vegetable, Desserts, and Sweets. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

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RestaurantBlack Society Singapore
Address1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-156/157 Singapore, Singapore 098585
Delivery TimingMonday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 6763 2989
PaymentsDebit cards.

Black Society Soups Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Bamboo Pith Three Treasures SoupSGD 9.63
Lobster & Scallops BisqueSGD 9.63
Mini Buddha Jumps Over The WallSGD 51.36
Shanghai Steamed Meat Dumpling in Lobster BisqueSGD 19.26
Superior Chicken & Wanton Dumpling SoupSGD 34.24

Black Society Warm Starters Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Volcano EggplantSGD 14.98
Sichuan Spicy Soft Shell Crab & ChickenSGD 19.26

Black Society Cold Starters Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Cold Black Fungus with Bean Curd SkinSGD 9.63
Crispy Aromatic Duck SaladSGD 21.40
Crispy Chicken SaladSGD 17.12
Prawn Crispy Codfish SaladSGD 23.54
Smoked Duck SaladSGD 17.12
Soft Shell Crab SaladSGD 21.40

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Black Society Porridge Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Crispy Intestine CongeeSGD 9.63
Fresh Sliced Grouper & Mushroom CongeeSGD 12.30
Frog Leg CongeeSGD 12.30
Hong Kong Boatman’s PorridgeSGD 8.02
Mui Choy Pork Century Egg CongeeSGD 9.63
Three-Style Egg Pig Liver CongeeSGD 9.63

Black Society Bento Sets Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Aberdeen Roast Chicken RiceSGD 14.77
BBQ Pork Char Siew RiceSGD 14.77
Black Truffle Omelette Prawn RiceSGD 14.77
Braised Beef Brisket RiceSGD 14.77
Crispy Fried Chicken Chop RiceSGD 14.77
Crispy Roast Pork RiceSGD 14.77
Double Liver Sausage RiceSGD 14.77
Imperial Tealeaf Chicken Leg NoodleSGD 14.77
Imperial Tealeaf Chicken RiceSGD 14.77
Premium Roast Duck RiceSGD 14.77
Sichuan Mala Beef RiceSGD 14.77
Sweet & Sour Fried Fish RiceSGD 14.77
Tiger Prawn Scallop RiceSGD 14.77

Black Society Rice Balls Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Vegetarian Mushroom Rice RollSGD 7.49
Signature Fritter Rice RollSGD 7.49

Black Society Pan-Fried & Stir-Fried Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Sweet Corn Fritter PancakeSGD 8.03
Radish PancakeSGD 7.49

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Black Society Deep-Fried Menu Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Swan Black Pepper Duck Yam PastrySGD 8.03

Black Society Noodles Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Wuxi Pork Chop La Mian SoupSGD 10.70
Tiger Prawn Scallop La Mian in SoupSGD 13.91
Stir-fried Vermicelli with Sliced Fish & Bitter GourdSGD 19.26
Stir-fried Seafood Hor HunSGD 17.12
Stir-fried La Mian with Shimeji MushroomSGD 17.12
Stir-fried Hor Fun with Beef & Black Bean SauceSGD 17.12
Stir-fried Ee-fu NoodleSGD 17.12
Stir-fried Beef Hor HunSGD 17.12
Signature Dan Dan NoodleSGD 9.63
Sautéed Udon in Soya Vinegar SauceSGD 17.12
Sautéed Prawn on Vermicelli PancakeSGD 25.68
Huang Pu Dried Scallion Tossed La MianSGD 9.63
Double Crispy Noodle PancakeSGD 17.12
Crispy Duck La Mian in SoupSGD 11.77
Braised Noodle with Shredded DuckSGD 19.26
Braised Flat Noodles with Egg PlantSGD 19.26
BOSSES Stir-fried NoodleSGD 17.12
Bodhi Vegetable La Mian SoupSGD 9.63
Beef Tomato La Mian in SoupSGD 11.77

Black Society Rice Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Cod BBQ SauceSGD 17.12
Crispy Hokkien Fried RiceSGD 23.54
Fried Rice with Preserved Meat & PeanutSGD 19.26
Fried Rice with Seafood & Egg WhiteSGD 19.26
Grouper with Olive & Ginger Fried RiceSGD 19.26
Lotus Steamed Brown Rice with Abalone & ConpoySGD 40.66
Rich Man Truffle Fried RiceSGD 29.96
Signature Aberdeen Seafood Fried RiceSGD 19.26
Stewed Beef Served with Egg Fried RiceSGD 14.98
Three Style Eggs with Silver Fish Fried RiceSGD 14.98
XO Seafood Fried RiceSGD 17.12
Yin Yang Rice in Soup with Bitter GourdSGD 25.68
Yin Yang Rice in Soup with Fresh PrawnSGD 29.96

Black Society Poultry & Meat Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef Tenderloin with Wasabi Mayo SauceSGD 25.68
Black Pepper Wagyu Beef on Crispy RiceSGD 25.68
Caramelized Ginger Sweet & Sour PorkSGD 19.26
Chinoi Angus Beef SteakSGD 29.96
Claypot Beef StewSGD 23.54
Claypot Oxtail StewSGD 29.96
Coffee Pork RibSGD 19.26
Crispy Aromatic DuckSGD 32.10
Curry Beef StewSGD 23.54
Deep-fried Frog Leg Ginger ChipsSGD 23.54
Golden Spare Ribs with Salted Egg YolkSGD 19.26
Honey Grilled Spare RibsSGD 19.26
Ma Po TofuSGD 19.26
Signature Crispy ChickenSGD 27.82
Steamed Chicken Cordyceps Flower in Lotus LeafSGD 25.68
Steamed Pork Pancake with Salted EggSGD 17.12
Stewed Pork & Mui, ChoySGD 21.40
Stir-fried Beef with VegetableSGD 19.26
Stir-fried Frog Leg with Ginger & Spring OnionSGD 23.54
Stir-fried Frog Leg with Kung-po SauceSGD 23.54
Three Cups ChickenSGD 19.26

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Black Society Beancurd Egg Vegetable Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Baby Pak Choy with Papaya & Beancurd SkinSGD 17.12
Baby Pak Choy with Salted FishSGD 17.12
Braised Broccoli with Dried Scallops & MushroomSGD 21.40
Braised Tofu with SeafoodSGD 21.40
Braised Tofu with Shimeji & SpinachSGD 17.12
Braised Wheat Grain with Sea Cucumber BroccoliSGD 29.96
Choy Sum in Mineral Water SoupSGD 14.98
Choy Sum with Preserved Vegetables & Dried ShrimpSGD 17.12
Diced Vegetables, Pine Nuts, Lettuce WrapSGD 23.54
Fried Assorted VegetablesSGD 21.40
Fried Salted Egg Pipa Bean CurdSGD 19.26
Fuzhou Oyster PancakeSGD 19.26
Kai Lan in Ginger SauceSGD 14.98
Pan-fried Golden Egg Pancake with ChivesSGD 17.12
Steamed Beancurd & Mushrooms with Yunan HamSGD 19.26
Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Salted EggSGD 17.12
Stuffed Tianjin CabbageSGD 21.40
Three Style Eggs with SpinachSGD 17.12
Twin Kai LanSGD 17.12

Black Society Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Signature Custard Lava BunSGD 6.42
Saussurea with White FungusSGD 12.84
Purple Yam Lava BunSGD 6.42
Pomelo Mango Cream with Palm FruitSGD 6.96
Papaya with Almond CreamSGD 8.56
Pan-fried Sesame Red Bean PancakeSGD 6.95
Oat, Pumpkin Ball with Fungus & Sweet Scented Osmanthus JellySGD 6.96
Fresh Mango PuddingSGD 6.42
Double-boiled Hashima with Red DatesSGD 19.26
Double-boiled Bird Nest with Rock SugarSGD 19.26
Chilled Herbal Jelly with Sea CoconutSGD 6.96
Almond Cream with Glutinous BallSGD 6.95
Almond Cream with Egg WhiteSGD 6.96

Black Society Sweets Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Almond Cream with Sesame DumplingSGD 8.56
Signature Yam Lava BunSGD 6.95

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Black Society Singapore Promoytions
Black Society Singapore Promotion

Is Black Society Singapore Halal?

No, Black Society Singapore is Not Halal Certified because they serve Pork.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Black Society Singapore.

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