Butter Bean Singapore Menu & Latest Prices 2024

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

Greetings to all Sandwich & Toast Enthusiasts! Are you Searching for the Butter Bean Singapore Menu & Latest Prices 2024? You’re in the right place! Here, you’ll discover the Butter Bean Menu along with their prices.

Butter Bean Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Butter Bean Menu with Prices.

Butter Bean Menu 2024

Butter Bean Singapore Menu can be categorised as Main Sets, Toast Sets, Sandwich Sets, Great Ginger, Kopi & Teh, & Refreshing Coolers. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Butter Bean Main Sets Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Curry on SunshineSGD 8.00
Braised Me UpSGD 8.00
Laksa LoveSGD 8.00
Hey You Hae MeeSGD 8.00

Butter Bean Toast Sets Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
PB & J ToastSGD 3.40
Say Cheese ToastSGD 3.80
Cheeky Choco ToastSGD 3.40
Flossy Chick ToastSGD 3.40
BB’s Kaya ToastSGD 2.60
Milky Milo ToastSGD 2.60
BButter Sugar ToastSGD 2.40
Omu Cheese ToastSGD 4.90

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Butter Bean Sandwiches Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
B.F.F Battered Fish Fillet SandwichSGD 9.90
C.F.C Crispy Fried Chicken SandwichSGD 9.90
Basic Ham Cheese SandwichSGD 9.30


Menu ItemsPrice
4 Pcs Cup Cake SetSGD 10.30
6 Pcs Cup Cake SetSGD 15.30

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Butter Bean Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
BBrulee Kopi LatteSGD 3.80
Iced Kopi LatteSGD 3.30
Iced AmericanoSGD 3.00
Kopi OSGD 2.40
Kopi CSGD 2.60
KopiSGD 2.60
Hot BButter Kopi OSGD 2.70
BBrulee Teh LatteSGD 3.80
Iced Teh LatteSGD 3.30
Hot Ginger TehSGD 3.20
Teh OSGD 2.40
Teh CSGD 2.60
TehSGD 2.60
BBrulee Teh HaliaSGD 4.20
BB RoseSGD 4.20
Lime AiyuSGD 4.20
Orange Lychee TeaSGD 4.20
Lemon Lime TwistSGD 3.30
Dino MiloSGD 3.80
Football MiloSGD 3.00
Hot Ginger WaterSGD 2.40

Is Butter Bean Singapore Halal?

Yes, Butter Bean Singapore Is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Butter Bean Singapore.

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