Cafe de Muse Singapore Menu & Latest Price 2024

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Cafe de Muse Menu 2024

Cafe de Muse Singapore Menu can be categorized as Series, Hot Classics, Iced Classics, Hand Drip Coffee, Coffee Beans, Specialty Tea, Herbal Tea, Pure Tea, Signatures, Non-Coffee Classics, Frappe, Milkshakes, Freshly Squeezed Juices, Sparkling/Mineral Water, Sparkling Wine, Rosé Wine, White Wine, Salads, Soup, Sandwiches, Mains, Pasta, Long Pizza, Homemade Desserts and Pastry. Let’s see the details of each items one by one.

Cafe de Muse Dalgona Series Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Dalgona Frappe – Non-CoffeeSGD 7.00
Dalgona Frappe – CoffeeSGD 7.50
Iced Dalgona Milk TeaSGD 8.00
Hot Dalgona Milk TeaSGD 7.50
Iced Dalgona LatteSGD 8.00
Hot Dalgona LatteSGD 7.50

Cafe de Muse Hot Classics Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot EspressoSGD 5.00
Hot Espresso MacchiatoSGD 5.00
Hot AmericanoSGD 5.00
Hot Long BlackSGD 5.00
Hot CappuccinoSGD 6.50
Hot LatteSGD 6.50
Hot Flat WhiteSGD 6.50
Hot PiccoloSGD 5.50
Hot Caramel MacchiatoSGD 7.00
Hot Cafe MochaSGD 7.00
Hot Vanilla LatteSGD 7.00
Hot Hazelnut LatteSGD 7.00

Cafe de Muse Iced Classics Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Iced AmericanoSGD 6.00
Iced Long BlackSGD 6.00
Iced LatteSGD 7.50
Iced CappuccinoSGD 7.50
Iced Hazelnut LatteSGD 8.00
Iced Vanilla LatteSGD 8.00
Iced Cafe MochaSGD 8.00
Iced Caramel MacchiatoSGD 8.00
AffogatoSGD 8.00
Cafe de Muse Iced Classics Menu With Prices

Cafe de Muse Hand Drip Coffee Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot Kenya AA Top AsaliSGD 11.00
Hot Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1 Misty ValleySGD 10.00

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Cafe de Muse Coffee Beans Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans (200g)SGD 20.00
Kenya AA Top Asali Coffee Beans (200g)SGD 20.00
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1 Misty Valley Coffee Beans (200g)SGD 20.00

Cafe de Muse Specialty Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Almond DelightSGD 8.50
Cherry BlossomSGD 8.50
NightingaleSGD 8.50
Royal MandarinSGD 8.50
Paradise GreenSGD 8.50
Strawberry OrchardSGD 8.50
Tropical BreezeSGD 8.50
Exotic TropicalSGD 8.50
Sapporo SpringSGD 8.50
Rose GardenSGD 8.50
Muse SpecialSGD 8.50
Moroccan MintSGD 8.50

Cafe de Muse Herbal Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Muse Herbal TeaSGD 9.50
Sweet Berry HerbalSGD 9.50
Lemon GingerSGD 9.50
Rose ChamomileSGD 9.50
Calming HerbalSGD 9.50
Merry BerriesSGD 9.50
MintSGD 9.50
Heavenly SpringSGD 9.50

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Cafe de Muse Pure Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Green TeaSGD 8.50
Honey LemonSGD 8.50
Earl GreySGD 8.50
English BreakfastSGD 8.50
Yuja (Yuzu)SGD 8.50
Cafe de Muse Pure Tea Menu With Prices

Cafe de Muse Signatures Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Au Lait GlacéSGD 11.00
Hot Secret GardenSGD 13.00
Hot Silent MorningSGD 12.00
Hot Irish CoffeeSGD 15.00

Cafe de Muse Non-Coffee Classics Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Hot MilkSGD 5.00
Hot Soy MilkSGD 5.50
Hot ChaiSGD 7.00
Hot ChocolateSGD 6.00
Hot English Breakfast Tea LatteSGD 7.00
Hot Earl Grey Tea LatteSGD 7.00
Hot VanillaSGD 6.00
Hot MatchaSGD 7.00
Hot Red Bean LatteSGD 7.00
Hot Sweet Potato LatteSGD 7.50
Iced MilkSGD 6.00
Iced Soy MilkSGD 6.50
Iced VanillaSGD 7.00
Iced MatchaSGD 8.00
Iced ChocolateSGD 7.00
Iced ChaiSGD 8.00
Iced Earl Grey Tea LatteSGD 8.00
Iced English Breakfast Tea LatteSGD 8.00
Iced Red Bean LatteSGD 8.00
Iced Sweet Potato LatteSGD 8.50
Iced Strawberry LatteSGD 9.00

Cafe de Muse Frappe Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Caramel FrappeSGD 6.50
Coffee FrappeSGD 7.00
Cookies & Cream FrappeSGD 7.00
Matcha FrappeSGD 7.00
Yogurt FrappeSGD 7.00
Yuja (Yuzu) FrappeSGD 7.00
Vanilla FrappeSGD 6.50

Cafe de Muse Milkshakes Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Vanilla MilkshakeSGD 8.00
Chocolate MilkshakeSGD 8.00
Injeolmi (Multi-Grain) MilkshakeSGD 8.00

Cafe de Muse Freshly Squeezed Juices Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Apple JuiceSGD 8.00
Orange JuiceSGD 8.00
Ginger ZingerSGD 9.00
Minty SunshineSGD 9.00
Pink LadySGD 9.00

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Cafe de Muse Sparkling/Mineral Water Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
SamdasooSGD 3.50
EvianSGD 4.00
PerrierSGD 5.00

Cafe de Muse Sparkling Wine Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Astroria Lounge Prosecco – GlassSGD 14.00
Astroria Lounge Prosecco – BottleSGD 70.00

Cafe de Muse Rosé Wine Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Fashion Victim Rosé – GlassSGD 14.00
Fashion Victim Rosé – BottleSGD 70.00

Cafe de Muse White Wine Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mt. Monster, Sauvignon Blanc – GlassSGD 14.00
CornerStone Ice Wine – GlassSGD 11.00
Chardonnay – GlassSGD 13.00
Gunderloch Fritz – GlassSGD 15.00
Mt. Monster, Sauvignon Blanc – BottleSGD 70.00
CornerStone Ice Wine – BottleSGD 58.00
Chardonnay – BottleSGD 70.00
Gunderloch Fritz – BottleSGD 78.00
Saint Clair Marlb Wairau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc – BottleSGD 145.00

Cafe de Muse Salads Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef & ChimichurriSGD 16.00
Pumpkin & MushroomSGD 17.00
Caesar SaladSGD 15.00
Lemon Chicken & AlmondSGD 15.00
Pesto Chicken & AvocadoSGD 18.00

Cafe de Muse Soup Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Soup of the DaySGD 7.50
Truffle Chicken StewSGD 16.00
White Wine MusselsSGD 14.00

Cafe de Muse Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tuna & HerbsSGD 16.00
Rib Eye with Tomato & Onion SalsaSGD 21.00
Eggs & TomatoSGD 15.00
Ham & CheeseSGD 17.00
Smoked Salmon & AvocadoSGD 17.00
Chicken & Basil PestoSGD 17.00
Sweet PotatoSGD 16.00

Cafe de Muse Mains Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Rib Eye SteakSGD 30.00
Grilled SalmonSGD 26.00
Kingdom Tteok-bokkiSGD 20.00
Roasted Pork BellySGD 24.00
Fish & ChipsSGD 22.00
Royal Court Bulgogi Tteok-bokkiSGD 20.00
Angus Beef BurgerSGD 25.00
Sous Vide Chicken RouladeSGD 24.00
Duck ConfitSGD 21.00
Salmon in the GardenSGD 27.00

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Cafe de Muse Pasta Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
CarbonaraSGD 19.00
Prawn Aglio e OlioSGD 22.00
Pasta al PomodoroSGD 19.00
Salted Egg PastaSGD 23.00
JapchaeSGD 20.00
Pasta Alle VongoleSGD 23.00
Pumpkin PastaSGD 21.00
Bulgogi PastaSGD 23.00
Cafe de Muse Pasta Menu With Prices

Cafe de Muse Long Pizza Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Bacon & Caramelised Onion Long PizzaSGD 19.00
Arugula Prosciutto Long PizzaSGD 25.00
Mexican Fiesta Long PizzaSGD 23.00
Pepperoni Long PizzaSGD 23.00
Margherita Long PizzaSGD 17.00
Mushroom Paradise Long PizzaSGD 18.00
Hawaiian Long PizzaSGD 21.00
Bonito (Katsuobushi) Long PizzaSGD 19.00

Cafe de Muse Homemade Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Blackout Chocolate CakeSGD 10.00
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese FrostingSGD 10.00
Red Velvet with Lemon Cream Cheese FrostingSGD 10.00
Milk Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake with Chocolate SpongeSGD 10.00
Blueberry TartSGD 10.00
Mango TartSGD 10.00
Berries CheesecakeSGD 10.00
Tiramisu (without alcohol)SGD 10.00
Strawberry TartSGD 10.00
Mango MousseSGD 10.00
Berries WaffleSGD 15.90
Coco WaffleSGD 15.90
Cinnamon ChurrosSGD 13.00
Fruit WaffleSGD 15.90
Cafe de Muse Homemade Desserts Menu With Prices

Cafe de Muse Pastry Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Chocolate Banana MuffinSGD 4.90
Blueberry MuffinSGD 4.90
Butter CroissantSGD 3.50
Raisin SconeSGD 3.50
Scone SetSGD 12.00

Nutrition Table of Cafe de Muse Singapore

ItemServing SizeCaloriesProtein (g)Fat (g)Carbohydrates (g)Fiber (g)
Crispy Calamari1 serving3502018302
Mushroom Bruschetta1 serving200810203
Mediterranean Salad1 serving250615255
Citrus Shrimp Salad1 serving3001812254
Beef Lasagna1 serving4502520406
Chicken Parmesan1 serving4003015354
Truffle Mushroom Risotto1 serving3501012453
Thai Basil Chicken Stir-fry1 serving3202210305
Cheesecake1 slice400625351
Chocolate Lava Cake1 slice450530402
Fruit Sorbet1 scoop10010253
Gelato1 scoop200310252

Allergen Table of Cafe de Muse Singapore

Crispy Calamari
Mushroom Bruschetta
Mediterranean Salad
Citrus Shrimp Salad
Beef Lasagna
Chicken Parmesan
Truffle Mushroom Risotto
Thai Basil Chicken Stir-fry
Chocolate Lava Cake
Fruit Sorbet

Deals Table of Cafe de Muse Singapore

Lunch SetEnjoy a selected main course with a choice of starter or dessert, and a complimentary drink for a satisfying midday meal.Monday to Friday
Happy HourIndulge in discounted prices on selected appetizers and cocktails during the evening hours.Monday to Thursday
Weekend BrunchDelight in a lavish brunch buffet featuring an assortment of breakfast and lunch favorites.Saturday and Sunday
Dessert ComboTreat yourself to a slice of cake or gelato paired with a hot beverage at a special bundled price.Daily
Family FeastGather the family and enjoy a special set menu designed to satisfy everyone’s cravings at a discounted rate.Weekends

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Is Cafe de Muse Singapore Halal?

No, Cafe de Muse Singapore is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Cafe de Muse Singapore.

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