Cococane Singapore Menu and Prices 2024

Last Updated on January 13, 2024

Hello Sugarcane and Coconut Lovers, Are you in search of the most recent prices for Cococane’s menu? Well, you’re in the perfect spot. We’ve uploaded their complete menu with pictures and the updated price. The prices are sourced directly from Cococane Singapore’s official channels.

Cococane Singapore Menu 2024

Cococane Singapore menu can be categorized as Cococane Signature, Fresh Sugarcane Juice, Fresh Coconut Water, Coconut Shake, Coconut Snowshake Lite, Coconut Avocado, Yakult & Other Fruit Juice, Bottled Juice, and Beverages. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Cococane Menu – Cococane Signature Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure CococaneSGD 3.90
Cococane w/ Fresh LemonSGD 4.40
Cococane Sour PlumSGD 4.40
Tangy CococaneSGD 4.95
Ginger CococaneSGD 4.75
Mango CococaneSGD 5.20
Omega CococaneSGD 5.00
Cococane w/ Vita C BoostSGD 5.50
Super Skin Booster CococaneSGD 6.50

Cococane Fresh Sugarcane Juice Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure Sugarcane JuiceSGD 2.80
Sugarcane w/ Fresh LemonSGD 3.30
Tangy SugarcaneSGD 3.85
Sugarcane w/ Sour PlumSGD 3.30
Ginger SugarcaneSGD 3.70
Sugarcane w/ Green AppleSGD 4.70
Watermelon SugarcaneSGD 4.00
Mango SugarcaneSGD 4.10
Omega SugarcaneSGD 3.90
Sugarcane w/ Vita BoostSGD 4.40
Lemon Ginger SugarcaneSGD 4.20
Watermelon Lychee SugarcaneSGD 5.10

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Cococane Fresh Coconut Water Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure Coconut WaterSGD 5.00
Coconut Water w/ Fresh LemonSGD 5.50
Mango CoconutSGD 6.30
Coconut OmegaSGD 6.00
Coconut FloatSGD 6.50

Cococane Coconut Shake Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Original Coconut ShakeSGD 5.00
Oreo Coconut ShakeSGD 5.50
Lychee Coconut ShakeSGD 6.00
Mango Coconut ShakeSGD 6.00
Biscoff Coconut ShakeSGD 6.00
Chocolate Mint Coconut ShakeSGD 6.50
A complete Menu of Cococane Singapore
Image Source: Facebook

Cococane Coconut Snowshake Lite Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Original Coconut Snowshake LiteSGD 5.90
Lychee Coconut Snowshake LiteSGD 6.80
Mango Coconut Snowshake LiteSGD 7.10

Cococane Coconut Avocado Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Honey Coconut AvocadoSGD 6.80
Gula Melaka Coconut AvocadoSGD 6.80
Milo Coconut AvocadoSGD 6.80
Mango Coconut AvocadoSGD 8.00

Cococane Yakult & Other Fruit Juice Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Yakult Red AppleSGD 4.80
Yakult WatermelonSGD 4.80
Yakult Green AppleSGD 4.80
Fresh Red Apple JuiceSGD 4.00
Fresh Green Apple JuiceSGD 4.00
Cococane Yakult & Other Fruit Juice

Cococane Bottled Juice Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
CococaneSGD 5.10
SugarcaneSGD 3.10
Coconut WaterSGD 6.60

Cococane Beverages Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Cold Honey LemonSGD 2.80
Hot Honey LemonSGD 2.50
Hot Ginger Honey LemonSGD 3.30
Honey Lime Jelly Juice w/ Nata De CocoSGD 4.80
Mineral WaterSGD 1.50

Is Cococane Singapore Halal?

Yes, Cococane Singapore Is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Cococane Singapore Menu.

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