D’Life Signature Singapore Menu & Updated Prices 2024

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D’Life Signature Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest on the D’Life Signature Menu with Prices.

D’Life Signature Menu 2024

D’Life Signature Singapore Menu Can be Classified as Set Meals, Chef Recommendations, Hot Plate Meals, Western Selections, Snacks, Fried Rice, Noodle Dishes, Vegetables, Soup, Textured Protein, Egg Omelette, Tofu, Mushrooms, and Beverages. Let’s Explain them one by one in detail.

D’Life Signature
D’Life Signature Singapore
RestaurantD’Life Signature Singapore
Address10 Sinaran Drive #B1-105/106/129 Square 2, Singapore 307506
Delivery TimingMonday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 6909 9525
PaymentsDebit cards.

D’Life Set Meals Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Kung Po Hericium w/ RiceSGD 9.10
Bak Kut Teh w/ RiceSGD 9.10
Curry Hericium w/ RiceSGD 7.80
Sweet & Sour Hericium w/ RiceSGD 7.30
Nonya Fish w/ RiceSGD 7.30
Kung Po Chicken Cube w/ RiceSGD 7.30
Curry Fish w/ RiceSGD 6.30
Sweet & Sour Abalone Mushroom w/ RiceSGD 7.30
Bitter Gourd & Tofu w/ RiceSGD 6.30
Claypot Hericium RiceSGD 9.80
Claypot Chicken Cube RiceSGD 8.30
D’Life Set Meals Menu

D’Life Chef Recommendations Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Yam RingSGD 16.80
Thai Style Curry HotpotSGD 14.30
Hotplate BrinjalSGD 11.30
Hometown Vinegar StewSGD 12.30
Four Heavenly KingsSGD 12.30
Signature Assam FishSGD 16.80
Broccoli HericiumSGD 12.30

D’Life Hot Plate Meals Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Hotplate Sambal Baked Fish w/ RiceSGD 11.30
Hotplate Hot Sauce Tofu w/ RiceSGD 11.30
Hotplate Sambal Petai w/ RiceSGD 11.30
Hotplate Beef Fillet w/ RiceSGD 11.30
D’Life Hot Plate Meals Menu

D’Life Western Selections Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Aglio OlioSGD 10.00
Tomato SpaghettiSGD 10.00
Cream SpaghettiSGD 11.30
Mushroom SoupSGD 5.80
Pizza MargheritaSGD 14.30
Mixed Mushroom PizzaSGD 14.30
Hawaiian PizzaSGD 14.30

D’Life Snacks Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Thai FishcakeSGD 9.30
Five Spices RollSGD 8.30
Nugget (8 Pcs)SGD 8.30
Fruits RojakSGD 7.30
Satay (4 Pcs)SGD 7.30
French FriesSGD 5.30
Mushroom Salad w/ Sesame SauceSGD 6.30

D’Life Fried Rice Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Signature Fried RiceSGD 10.10
Roasted Chicken RiceSGD 6.30
Simple Fried RiceSGD 6.30
Olive Fried RiceSGD 7.30
Signature Nasi LemakSGD 6.30
Seaweed Curry RiceSGD 5.80
Vege Mui FanSGD 5.80
Pineapple Fried RiceSGD 9.00
Sambal Petai Fried RiceSGD 10.10
White RiceSGD 1.00
Brown RiceSGD 1.50
Fragrant RiceSGD 1.50
Cedar Shoot Fried RiceSGD 7.30
Top Up Sunny EggSGD 1.20
D’Life Fried Rice Menu

D’Life Noodle Dishes Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Ginger & Egg Mee Sua SoupSGD 7.80
Chili Ban Mian / U-MianSGD 7.10
Ban Mian / U-Mian SoupSGD 7.10
Claypot NoodleSGD 7.10
KL NoodleSGD 6.80
Mee GorengSGD 6.80
Satay Bee HoonSGD 7.10
Dumpling NoodleSGD 7.10
Fish Slice VermicelliSGD 5.80
Bee Hoon SoupSGD 5.80
Cantonese Style NoodleSGD 6.30
HorfunSGD 5.30
Hokkien MeeSGD 5.20
LaksaSGD 5.30
Assam LaksaSGD 7.30
Mee Sua SoupSGD 5.80

D’Life Vegetables Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Herbal Amaranth w/ MushroomsSGD 12.30
Broccoli & Fish Maw ClaypotSGD 14.30
Black Bean Sauce Bitter GourdSGD 10.30
Broccoli w/ MushroomsSGD 12.30
Sambal OkraSGD 10.30
Spinach w/ MushroomsSGD 12.30
Stir Fry KailanSGD 10.00
Belacan KangkongSGD 10.00
Stir Fry LettuceSGD 10.00
Claypot CabbageSGD 10.30
Sweet Potato LeafSGD 10.00
Claypot BrinjalSGD 10.30
D’Life Vegetables Menu

D’Life Soup Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Signature Slaypot Fish SoupSGD 12.30
Ginger Egg SsoupSGD 8.30
Tom Yam SoupSGD 6.30
Dumpling SoupSGD 7.30
Seaweed SoupSGD 6.30
Mixed Vegetable SoupSGD 6.30
Daily Boiled SoupSGD 6.30
Bak Kut TehSGD 11.30

D’Life Textured Protein Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Rendang CurrySGD 11.30
Spicy Popcorn ChickenSGD 12.30
Sambal Petai FishSGD 13.30
Homemade Marmite Pork RibSGD 12.30
Hotplate FishSGD 12.30
Nonya FishSGD 12.30
Fragrant Spicy FishSGD 12.30
Sambal FishSGD 10.30
Ginger & Sesame Oil Cod FishSGD 12.30
Steamed Cod Fish w/ Bitter GourdSGD 12.30
Creamy PrawnSGD 13.30
Cereal PrawnSGD 12.30
Curry MuttonSGD 10.30
Kung Po Chicken CubeSGD 10.30
Fragrant Sesame Oil Chicken CubeSGD 10.30
Honey ChickenSGD 12.30
Salad PrawnSGD 10.30
D’Life Textured Protein Menu

D’Life Egg Omelette Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Fu Rong OmeletteSGD 7.30
Bitter Gourd OmeletteSGD 8.30
Cai Por OmeletteSGD 7.30
Tomato Scrambled EggSGD 8.30

D’Life Tofu Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Sambal Petai TofuSGD 12.30
Cereal TofuSGD 10.00
Three Cups Sauce TofuSGD 11.30
Spicy Sauce TofuSGD 10.30
Claypot TofuSGD 10.30
Hometown Steamed TofuSGD 9.30
Sizzling Hotplate TofuSGD 10.30
Cai Por TofuSGD 11.30

D’Life Mushrooms Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Sesame Oil HericiumSGD 12.30
Sweet Sour HericiumSGD 12.30
Sweet & Sour Abalone MushroomSGD 12.30
Kung Po HericiumSGD 12.30
Creamy Abalone MushroomSGD 12.30
Cereal Abalone MushroomSGD 12.30
Creamy Delish HericiumSGD 12.30
D’Life Mushrooms Menu

D’Life Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Luo Han GuoSGD 2.40
CoffeeSGD 1.80
Milk TeaSGD 1.80
Yuan YangSGD 2.00
MiloSGD 2.10
Lemon TeaSGD 3.10
Golden PlumSGD 2.40
Coke LemonSGD 3.80
WaterSGD 0.50
Honey LemonSGD 3.80

About D’Life Signature Singapore

The exact history of D’Life Signature Singapore’s menu is shrouded in secrecy, like a recipe for a hidden culinary gem. It likely wasn’t born from a single chef’s vision, but rather reflects a growing global trend – plant-based cuisine that tantalizes even the most dedicated meat lover. This Singapore menu offers a delectable solution, featuring creative dishes that mimic meat textures and flavors. Think “redang heroism” (a plant-based take on a spicy beef rendang) or “kung po heroism” (a mock kung po chicken dish featuring monkey head mushrooms). This innovative approach ensures that D’Life Signature caters not only to vegans seeking a satisfying meal but also to curious omnivores ready to explore the exciting world of plant-based cuisine.

FAQs of D’Life Signature Singapore

D’Life Signature isn’t your typical restaurant. It focuses on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, offering a delicious and innovative plant-based dining experience.

The full menu might not be readily available online. However, D’Life Signature Singapore might showcase some of its signature dishes or have photos on its website or social media pages (Facebook, Instagram).

While some vegetarian dishes might contain dairy or eggs, they likely offer a selection of vegan options that are free of animal products. It’s always best to check their menu or ask staff directly.

D’Life Signature is a great place to explore! Their creative mock meat dishes offer familiar flavors and textures in a plant-based format.

They likely offer a selection of beverages like juices, teas, or even plant-based milk alternatives for coffee or tea.

Is D’Life Signature Singapore Menu Halal?

No, D’Life Signature Singapore Menu is Not Halal Certified because they served Pork.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of D’Life Signature Singapore.

D’Life Signature Singapore- Locations and Operating Hours

10 Sinaran Drive #B1-105/106/129 Square 2, Singapore 307506

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM



D’Life Signature Singapore isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a haven for those seeking a delicious and compassionate dining experience. While details about their origins remain elusive, their menu speaks volumes. Focused on plant-based cuisine, D’Life Signature offers a tempting array of dishes that mimic meaty favorites without sacrificing flavor. Think succulent “mock satay” or flavorful “ginger mee sua.” This, alongside vegetarian staples and innovative takes on classic dishes, ensures a menu that caters to both committed vegans and curious omnivores. So, step into D’Life Signature and discover a world of flavor where plant-based dining is anything but a sacrifice – it’s a delicious adventure.

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