Gong Cha Brunei Menu & Price 2024

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Greetings to all Bubble tea and boba Enthusiasts, Are you Searching for the Gong Cha Brunei Menu & Price 2024? You’re in the right place! Here, you’ll discover the Gong Cha Brunei Menu along with their prices.

Gong Cha Brunei Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Gong Cha Brunei Menu with Prices.

Gong Cha Brunei Menu 2024

Gong Cha Brunei Menu can be categorized as House Special Menu, Brewed Tea Menu, Milk Tea Menu, Coffee, Tea Latte Menu, Creative Mix Menu, Healthy Drinks Menu, Smoothie Menu, and Toppings Menu. Let’s see the details of each items one by one.

Gong Cha House Special Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Milk Green TeaBND 3.20
Milk Black TeaBND 3.20
Milk Oolong TeaBND 3.20
Milk Alisan TeaBND 3.20
Milk ChocolateBND 3.80
Milk Winter Melon TeaBND 3.20
Panda Milk TeaBND 4.90
Milk MatchaBND 3.50
Milk DessertBND 4.90

Gong Cha Brewed Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Alisan TeaBND 2.40
Longan Honey TeaBND 2.50
Oolong TeaBND 2.40
Purple Plum TeaBND 2.50
Taiwan Green TeaBND 2.40
Taiwan Black TeaBND 2.40
Winter Melon TeaBND 2.40
Milk MatchaBND 3.50
Milk DessertBND 4.90

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Gong Cha Brunei Milk Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Milk TeaBND 2.60
Milk Black TeaBND 2.60
Milk Oolong TeaBND 2.60
Milk Tea with PearlsBND 3.00
Milk Tea with Herbal JellyBND 3.20
Caramel Milk TeaBND 3.00
Honey Milk TeaBND 3.00
Ginger Milk TeaBND 3.00
Earl Grey Milk TeaBND 2.60
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3JBND 3.80
Chocolate MilkBND 3.00
Crunchy Chocolate with OREOBND 3.70
Golden OvaltineBND 3.60
Taro MilkBND 3.00
Matcha Milk with Azuki BeansBND 4.50
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Gong Cha Brunei Coffee Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Caramel CoffeeBND 4.30
Gong Cha Milk CoffeeBND 4.30
House Special CoffeeBND 3.90
Crunchy MochaBND 4.20

Gong Cha Brunei Tea Latte Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Black Tea LatteBND 3.20
Green Tea LatteBND 3.20
Honey Tea LatteBND 3.50
Melon Tea LatteBND 3.30
Matcha LatteBND 3.50
Caramel Fresh Milk DelightsBND 4.90
Fresh Milk with Herbal JellyBND 3.60
Fresh Milk with PuddingBND 3.60

Gong Cha Creative Mix Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Honey Green TeaBND 2.80
Peach Green TeaBND 2.80
Passion Fruit Green TeaBND 2.80
Lychee Alisan TeaBND 2.80
Lemon Roasted Melon TeaBND 3.00
Mango YogurtBND 3.30
Passion YogurtBND 3.30
Peach YogurtBND 3.30
Lemon YogurtBND 3.30
Green Tea YakultBND 3.30
Lemon YakultBND 3.80
Apple YakultBND 3.80

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Gong Cha Healthy Drinks Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Lemon JuiceBND 2.60
Lemon Juice with Aloe VeraBND 3.30
Lemon Juice with White Pearls & Ai-Yu JellyBND 3.80
Honey LemonBND 2.90
Ginger Tea (Hot Only)BND 2.80
Passion Fruit JuiceBND 2.50
Kumquat JuiceBND 2.60
Kumquat Juice with Aiyu JellyBND 3.20
Lemon Kumquat JuiceBND 2.80

Gong Cha Smoothie Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mango SmoothieBND 3.90
Matcha SmoothieBND 3.90
Passion Yoghurt SmoothieBND 3.90
Peach Yoghurt SmoothieBND 3.90
Yoghurt SmoothieBND 3.90

Gong Cha Brunei Toppings Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Pearl JellyBND 0.40
White Pearl JellyBND 0.60
Ai-Yu JellyBND 0.60
Gong Cha MilkBND 0.80
Pudding + Herbal + Pearl JellyBND 1.20
Aloe Vera + White Pearls + AI-Yu JellyBND 1.40
Coconut JellyBND 0.60
Aloe VeraBND 0.70
Azuki BeansBND 0.70
Oat Cereal MilkBND 0.60
Basil SeedsBND 0.60
OREO Cookie BitsBND 0.70
Pudding JellyBND 0.60
Herbal JellyBND 0.60
gong cha brunei menu price

Is Gong Cha Brunei Halal?

Yes, Gong Cha Brunei is Halal Certified Restaurant.

All the images and prices are taken from the following official sources of Gong Cha Brunei Menu.

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