The Coastal Settlement Singapore Menu & Latest Prices 2024

Greetings to all food Enthusaists! Are you in search of the most recent Menu prices at The Coastal Settlement? Well, you’re in the right place! We have uploaded their complete Menu, with mouth-watering pictures and prices. All the prices have been sourced from the official channels of The Coastal Settlement in Singapore.

The Coastal Settlement Singapore Menu 2024

The Coastal Settlement Singapore menu can be categorized as Sharing, Thin Crust Pizzas, Mains, Rice & Noodles, Kids, Desserts, and Beverages. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

The Coastal Settlement Sharing Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Octopus SaladSGD 26.00
Smoked Salmon & Avocado SaladSGD 26.00
Seasonal Heirloom Tomato SaladSGD 23.00
Wild Mushroom SoupSGD 16.00
Pot of Mussels & ClamsSGD 32.00
Sambal Chili ClamsSGD 26.00
Otak-OtakSGD 19.00
Crispy Pork RibsSGD 22.00
TCS Wagyu CubesSGD 26.00
Charred AsparagusSGD 16.00
Charred BroccoliniSGD 16.00
Har Cheong GaiSGD 16.00
Chicken CrackersSGD 16.00
Portobello FriesSGD 16.00
Truffle FriesSGD 16.00
Sweet Potato FriesSGD 16.00
Spam FriesSGD 16.00

The Coastal Settlement Thin Crust Pizzas Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Wagyu Beef & MushroomSGD 29.00
PepperoniSGD 26.00
HawaiianSGD 26.00
MargheritaSGD 26.00
Al FunghiSGD 26.00
Half & Half PizzaSGD 30.00

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The Coastal Settlement Menu Mains Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
All Day BreakfastSGD 28.00
TCS Grilled ChickenSGD 26.00
Crispy Spring ChickenSGD 26.00
Ribeye Mac & CheeseSGD 48.00
Grilled Lamb ChopsSGD 44.00
TCS Baby Back RibsSGD 39.00
Smoked Salmon Rosti SausageSGD 26.00
Wagyu Cheese BurgerSGD 23.00
Shroom BurgerSGD 21.00
Chicken CurrySGD 26.00
Grouper Fish Porridge & EggSGD 24.00
Fish & ChipsSGD 28.00
Assam Fish Head CurrySGD 45.00
TCS Signature Grilled FIshSGD 52.00
Mala Seafood PotSGD 34.00
Mala Vegetarian PotSGD 34.00
 Coastal Settlement Menu Mains - A delectable selection of main dishes that showcase the diverse and flavourful cuisine of Coastal Settlement.
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The Coastal Settlement Rice & Noodles Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Crab Fried RiceSGD 26.00
TCS Nasi LemakSGD 26.00
Hojjien MeeSGD 29.00
Scallop & Prawn LaksaSGD 29.00
Wagyu Beef Hor FunSGD 34.00
Linguine VongoleSGD 28.00
XO Prawn Aglio OlioSGD 29.00
Vegetarian Aglio OlioSGD 28.00

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The Coastal Settlement Kids Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tater Tots & NuggetsSGD 15.00
Junior Fish & ChipsSGD 15.00
Sausage & SpaghettiSGD 15.00
Cheese BurgerSGD 16.00

The Coastal Settlement Menu Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
TCS Waffle StackSGD 18.00
TiramisuSGD 16.00
Mango MousseSGD 14.00
Sticky Date PuddingSGD 16.00
Chocolate BrownieSGD 16.00
Oreo Mud PieSGD 12.00
Ice CreamSGD 9.00
Daily CakesSGD 10.00
Tempting and delectable desserts that provide the perfect sweet ending to your Coastal Settlement dining experience.

The Coastal Settlement Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
SodaSGD 5.00
Fountain DrinksSGD 6.00
JuicesSGD 6.00
Sparkling WaterSGD 7.00
Still WaterSGD 8.00
Solar Power Energy DrinkSGD 7.00
Refreshing and diverse beverages that complement the vibrant atmosphere of Coastal Settlement.

Is the Coastal Settlement Halal?

No, the Coastal Settlement Singapore Is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of The Coastal Settlement Singapore.

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