Prairie by Craftsmen Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Hello, coffee lovers! Are you searching for the most up-to-date menu prices at Prairie by Craftsmen? Well, you’re in the perfect place! We’ve uploaded their complete Menu, featuring delightful pictures and prices. All the prices have been sourced from the official channels of Prairie by Craftsmen in Singapore.

Prairie by Craftsmen Singapore Menu 2024

Prairie Singapore menu can be categorized as Breakfast, Sharing, Salads, Mains, Quinoas, Burgers, Pasta, Kids, and Beverages. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

Prairie by Craftsmen Breakfast Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Toasted Sourdough w/ Kombu ButterSGD 9.00
Morning GranolaSGD 16.00
French ToastSGD 16.00
Egg on ToastSGD 16.00
Breakfast BunwichSGD 18.00
Messy OmeletteSGD 19.00
Smoked Salmon CroissantSGD 19.00
Cheese ToastieSGD 20.00
ST Maure TartineSGD 20.00
Rustic MushroomSGD 20.00
Double DeckSGD 22.00
Smoked Salmon & Avocado BunwichSGD 22.00
Prairie BreakfastSGD 24.00
A delightful selection of breakfast dishes to start your day at Prairie by Craftsmen.
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Prairie by Craftsmen Soup Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Soup of the WeekSGD 9.00

Prairie Menu Sharing Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
French FriesSGD 9.00
Curly FriesSGD 9.00
Crispy Chicken SkinSGD 10.00
Truffle FriesSGD 15.00
Pita BreadSGD 14.00
CapreseSGD 16.00
CalamariSGD 19.00
Scallop & BaconSGD 20.00
Garlic PrawnSGD 22.00
French Mussel PlateSGD 22.00
ProsciuttoSGD 22.00
EscargotsSGD 24.00
A delectable selection of dishes perfect for sharing and enjoying together at Prairie.

Prairie by Craftsmen Menu Salads Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
GreekSGD 15.00
Gorgonzola CaesarSGD 18.00
Roasted VegSGD 18.00
Grilled Chicken CaesarSGD 20.00
Buffalo Cheese GreensSGD 22.00
Burrata GreensSGD 24.00

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Prairie by Craftsmen Mains Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Roasted Half PouletSGD 28.00
Fish & ChipsSGD 28.00
Beef OxtailSGD 32.00
Duck ConfitSGD 36.00
Steak SandwichSGD 36.00
Ribeye SteakSGD 42.00

Prairie by Craftsmen Quinoas Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Mushroom Miso QuinoaSGD 24.00
Seafood QuinoaSGD 28.00

Prairie by Craftsmen Burgers Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Chick-BurgSGD 22.00
Impossible MeatSGD 24.00
Prairie BeefSGD 26.00
Fresh and vibrant salad options that bring a burst of flavours to your dining experience at Prairie by Craftsmen.

Prairie by Craftsmen Pasta Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
White Wine Prawn Aglio OlioSGD 24.00
Truffle Cream MushroomSGD 24.00
Beef BologneseSGD 24.00
CarbonaraSGD 24.00
Blue MusselSGD 26.00
Crab BisqueSGD 32.00
Scallop Chilled PastaSGD 32.00
French Duck LegSGD 36.00
A delectable selection of pasta dishes that showcase the culinary expertise of Prairie by Craftsmen.

Prairie by Craftsmen Menu Kids Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Junior BologneseSGD 12.00
Rigatoni & CheeseSGD 12.00
Happy PlatterSGD 12.00
HAm & Cheese PizzaSGD 12.00

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Prairie by Craftsmen Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Ice Blended & SmoothiesSGD 9.00
SpecialsSGD 10.00
Gryphon TeaSGD 9.00
Coca ColaSGD 4.00
Fresh CoconutSGD 6.00
Iced Lemon TeaSGD 7.00
OrangeSGD 8.00
KombuchaSGD 9.00
Acqua PannaSGD 10.00
San PellegrinoSGD 10.00

Is Prairie by Craftsmen Halal?

No, Praire by Craftsmen Singapore Is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Prairie by Craftsmen Singapore.

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