Japan Rail Cafe Singapore Menu & Latest Price List 2024

Greetings to all Foodies, Are you searching for the latest Menu and Prices of Japan Rail Cafe Singapore? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve uploaded their Complete Menu with the latest prices, all sourced from Japan Rail Cafe’s official channels.

Japan Rail Cafe Watashino Bento Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Saba, tamago, vegetables & 3 handmade komusubi salmon flakes, tempura &monthly special
SGD 17.50
Watashino Curry Bento
Crispy chicken cutlet & fried egg. Japanese curry made from black pepperbase & a blend of various spices, combined with the rich flavors of beef &pork
SGD 18.50
Watashino Hayashi Bento
Crispy chicken cutlet & fried egg. Japanese hashed beef stew consisting ofbeef, onions & a thick demi glace sauce made of tomato puree & red wine
SGD 18.50
Hafu Hafu Bento
Half portion of curry, & another half portion of hayashi. Served withcrispy chicken cutlet & fried egg
SGD 18.50
Una Tama Bento
Grilled unagi eel, tamagoyaki & sweet kabayaki sauce
SGD 24.00
Crispy Chicken Bento
Crispy Chicken Bento
SGD 17.50

Japan Rail Cafe Sides Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Original gravy. Crispy fries with melted cheese & chef’s original gravysweet soy sauce
SGD 7.50
French Fries
Cripsy shoestring fries, lightly seasoned with salt & nori
SGD 6.50
Karaage Basket
Deep fried chicken with crispy fries & perfect for sharing
SGD 11.00
Konsai Kinpira
Braised root vegetables
SGD 3.50
Potato Croquette
2 Pcs
SGD 3.50

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Japan Rail Cafe Sweets Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Warabi Mochi
Traditional soft mochi with smooth jelly texture tossed in kinako powder &topped with kuromitsu syrup
SGD 5.50
WhiteTree Beauty TeaSGD 5.00
Original Drip Coffee (Hot)SGD 5.50
Cold Brew (Iced)SGD 5.50
Citrus Green TeaSGD 5.50
Café Au LaitSGD 5.50
Café MochaSGD 5.50
Soy LatteSGD 5.50
Honey LatteSGD 6.00
Royal Milk TeaSGD 6.00
Kyoto Uji Matcha LatteSGD 6.50
Kuromitsu Kinako LatteSGD 6.50
Ogonnomura Yuzu & Honey (Iced)SGD 6.50
Aomori Fuji Apple JuiceSGD 5.00
WhiteTree Detox TeaSGD 5.00

Japan Rail Cafe Alcohol Menu With Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Temari Plum Wine Honey Bottle 180mlSGD 16.00
Temari Plum Wine Green Tea Bottle 180mlSGD 16.00
Temari Plum Wine Kishu Plum Bottle 180mlSGD 16.00
Niigata Shupoppo Kiminoi Junmai-Ginjo Bottle 720mlSGD 72.00
Niigata Shupoppo Yoshinogawa Junmai-Ginjo Bottle 720mlSGD 72.00

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Is Japan Rail Cafe Singapore Halal?

No, Japan Rail Cafe Singapore is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Japan Rail Cafe Singapore.

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