Jollibean Singapore Menu and Prices 2024

Last Updated on January 13, 2024

Hello, coffee enthusiasts! If you’re searching for the most recent Jollibean Menu and Prices, you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded the complete Menu with pictures and updated prices. The prices provided are sourced directly from the official sources of Jollibee Singapore.

Jollibean Singapore Menu 2024

Jollibean Singapore menu can be categorized as Oat Milk by Oatly, Mee Chiang Kueh, Jolli Pancake, Combo Sets, Bean Curd, Soy Pudding, Jfreeze Series, Ready to Drink, Mini Rolls, Maru, Stay Crisp, and Bottled Beverages. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Jollibean Oat Milk by Oatly Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Ice Chocolate Oat MilkSGD 5.70
Ice Mocha Oat MilkSGD 5.70
Ice Vanilla Oat MilkSGD 5.20
Chocolate OatfreezeSGD 6.00
Mocha OatfreezeSGD 6.00
Vanilla OatfreezeSGD 6.00
Banana OatfreezeSGD 6.00

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Jollibean Mee Chiang Kueh Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Red Bean Mee Chiang KuehSGD 2.60
Hazelnut Peanut Mee Chiang KuehSGD 3.70
Peanut & Red Bean Mee Chiang KuehSGD 2.70
Peanut & Sweet Corn Mee Chiang KuehSGD 2.70
Peanut Mee Chiang KuehSGD 2.60
Brown Coconut Mee Chiang KuehSGD 2.60
Lotus Biscoff Mee Chiang KuehSGD 3.90
Red Bean Mee Chiang Kueh

Jollibean Menu – Jolli Pancake Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Cream Cheese Soy WaffleSGD 5.20
Soy WaffleSGD 2.70

Jollibean Combo Sets Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Jolli SetSGD 6.90
Jolli Bundle SetSGD 16.20
Jolli Family SetSGD 28.80

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Jollibean Bean Curd Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Soy BeancurdSGD 2.40
Ginger Juice BeancurdSGD 2.80
Gula Melaka BeancurdSGD 2.80
Almond Soy BeancurdSGD 3.70
Grass Jelly BeancurdSGD 2.80
Beancurd w/ 4 Rice BallsSGD 4.80
Ginger Juice Beancurd

Jollibean Soy Pudding Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Classic Soy PuddingSGD 2.70
Almond Soy PuddingSGD 3.40

Jollibean Jfreeze Series Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
JspecialSGD 4.70
Azuki Red Bean Soy FreezeSGD 4.30
Matcha Soy FreezeSGD 4.30
French Vanilla Soy FreezeSGD 4.30
Dark Chocolate Soy FreezeSGD 4.30
Mocha Soy FreezeSGD 4.30
Coffee Soy FreezeSGD 4.30

Jollibean Ready to Drink Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Soymilk – Red DatesSGD 2.50
Soymilk – OriginalSGD 2.50
Soymilk – CollagenSGD 2.50
Soymilk – Black Soy + CharcoalSGD 2.50
Pack Oatly Oat MilkSGD 9.00
Triple Joy SetSGD 6.60
Dilmah Rose & French Vall Ice TeaSGD 2.90
Dilmah White Peach Ice TeaSGD 2.90
Dilmah Royal English Ice TeaSGD 2.90

Jollibean Mini Rolls Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Peanut Mini RollsSGD 4.00
Red Bean Mini RollsSGD 4.00
Mixed Mini RollsSGD 4.00
Cheese Mini RollsSGD 4.30
Caramel Cinnamon Cookies Crunch Mini RollsSGD 5.00

Jollibean Menu – Maru Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Double Cheese MaruSGD 3.00
Peanut MaruSGD 2.20
Red Bean MaruSGD 2.20
Pandan Kaya MaruSGD 2.30
Chocolate Fudge MaruSGD 2.40

Jollibean Stay Crisp Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Peanut Stay CrispSGD 2.20
Red Bean Stay CrispSGD 2.20
Hazelnut Stay CrispSGD 2.30

Jollibean Bottled Beverages Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Coconut WaterSGD 3.00
Classic Soy MilkSGD 2.80
Grass Jelly SoySGD 3.50
Almond SoySGD 4.00
Ginger SoySGD 3.50
Matcha SoySGD 3.50
Chocolate SoySGD 4.00
Gula Melaka SoySGD 3.20
Chewy Pearls SoySGD 3.90
Coffee SoySGD 4.00
Grass Jelly DrinkSGD 2.80
Green TeaSGD 3.80
Barley DrinkSGD 2.30

Is Jollibean Halal?

Yes, Jollibean Singapore Is Now Officially Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Jollibean Singapore Menu.

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