Habitat Coffee Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Hello, coffee enthusiasts! Are you searching for the most recent menu prices for Habitat Coffee? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place. We have uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and prices. All the prices have been sourced from the official channels of Habitat Coffee in Singapore.

Habitat Coffee Singapore Menu 2024

Habitat Coffee Singapore’s menu can be categorized as Brunch, Rice Bowls & Pasta, Sandwiches, Sides, and Beverages. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

Habitat Coffee Brunch Menu With Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Big BenSGD 23.00
Oats & NutsSGD 16.00
Pulled Pork BenedictSGD 21.00
Stuffed Berries HotcakeSGD 20.00
Sunny Prawn AvoSGD 22.00
Truffled Scrambled & SalmonSGD 22.00

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Habitat Coffee Rice Bowls & Pasta Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Beef YakinikuSGD 21.00
Chili Crab LinguineSGD 21.00
Grilled Teriyaki SalmonSGD 20.00
Honey Garlic PrawnSGD 20.00
Pasta LemakSGD 18.00
Summer Truffle Al FunghiSGD 23.00
Take ShiitakeSGD 17.00
Tiger Prawn Aglio OlioSGD 22.00
A delicious assortment of rice bowls and pasta dishes served at Habitat Coffee.
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Habitat Coffee Menu Sandwiches Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Cheese RoastSGD 18.00
Jacob’s WrapSGD 17.00

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Habitat Coffee Sides Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken PopsSGD 11.00
Chili Crab MantouSGD 14.00
Hello TruffleSGD 11.00
Honey Soy WingletsSGD 14.00
Mentaiko WedgesSGD 13.00
PoutineSGD 11.00
A delectable assortment of side dishes served at Habitat Coffee.

Habitat Coffee Beverages Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
CappuccinoSGD 5.00
Caramel LatteSGD 6.00
Cold Brew BlackSGD 6.00
Cold Matcha CoffeeSGD 7.00
Cold White CoffeeSGD 6.50
EspressoSGD 2.50
Espresso MacchiatoSGD 3.50
Flat WhiteSGD 5.00
Hazelnut LatteSGD 6.00
LatteSGD 5.00
Long BlackSGD 4.00
Mocha LatteSGD 6.00
PiccoloSGD 4.00
Vanilla LatteSGD 6.00
Home Brewed Ice Lemon TeaSGD 5.00
Iced Lychee Fusion TeaSGD 5.00
Iced Mango Fizz TeaSGD 5.00
Iced Passion Fruit Mint TeaSGD 6.00
Organic ChocolateSGD 5.00
Quench your thirst with a delightful selection of beverages at Habitat Coffee.

Is Habitat Coffee Singapore Halal?

No, Habitat Coffee Singapore Is not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Habitat Coffee Singapore.

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