Meat You Here Singapore Menu & Price List 2024

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

Greetings to all Meat Enthusiasts! Are you searching for the Meat You Here Singapore Menu & Latest Price List? Then, you reached at the right place. Here, you’ll discover the latest Meat You Here Singapore Menu along with their prices.

Meat You Here Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Meat You Here Menu with Prices.

Meat You Here Menu 2024

Meat You Here Singapore Menu can be categorized as Beef, Chicken, Lamb & Pork, Burger, Salad, Fish, Add-Ons, Sides, and Sauces. Let’s see the details of each items one by one.

Meat You Here Beef Menu With Prices 

Menu ItemsPrice
NZ Tenderloin 200 GramsSGD 30.50
NZ Ribeye 200 GramsSGD 19.90
AUS Striploin 200 GramsSGD 17.90
AUS Wagyu Ribeye ⅘ 200 GramsSGD 45.90
NZ Prime Short Rib Bone-InSGD 22.90
NZ Prime Rib 1 KgSGD 52.90

Meat You Here Chicken Menu With Prices 

Menu ItemsPrice
Breaded ChickenSGD 10.90
Breaded Chicken With Cheese SauceSGD 11.90
Grilled BBQ ChickenSGD 10.90
Grilled Chicken With Mushroom SauceSGD 10.90
Black Pepper Chicken ChopSGD 10.90
Meat You Here Chicken Menu with Prices
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Meat You Here Lamb & Pork Menu With Prices 

Menu ItemsPrice
Baby Back RibsSGD 15.90
US Duroc Pork ChopSGD 15.90
AU Lamb ShoulderSGD 16.90

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Meat You Here Burger Menu With Prices 

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Angus BurgerSGD 16.90
Grilled Chicken BurgerSGD 13.90
Crispy Chicken BurgerSGD 14.90
Grilled Lamb BurgerSGD 16.90

Meat You Here Salad Menu With Prices 

Menu ItemsPrice
Caesar SaladSGD 7.90
MUH House SaladSGD 9.90

Meat You Here Singapore Fish Menu Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Grilled Salmon FilletSGD 17.90
Grilled Halibut FilletSGD 17.90
Breaded FishSGD 16.90
Meat You Here Fish Menu With Prices

Meat You Here Menu – Add-Ons

Menu ItemsPrice
German Pork SausageSGD 3.00
French Garlic Pork SausageSGD 3.00
Garlic Cheese SausageSGD 3.00
Fried EggSGD 1.50
BaconSGD 1.50
Sliced CheeseSGD 1.00
Angus PattySGD 6.00
Grilled Chicken PattySGD 6.00
Grilled Lamb PattySGD 6.00
Mozzarella Cheese SticksSGD 4.00
Grilled SalmonSGD 6.00
Truffle FriesSGD 6.00

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Meat You Here Sides  Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mashed Potato2.50 SGD
Mixed Green SaladSGD 2.50
Baked PotatoSGD 2.50
Sauteed MushroomSGD 2.50
Potato SaladSGD 2.50
Mushroom SoupSGD 2.50
Coated FriesSGD 2.50
Cream SpinachSGD 2.50
WedgesSGD 2.50
Mac & CheeseSGD 2.50
Butter RiceSGD 2.50
Butter Corn KernelSGD 2.50
ColeslawSGD 2.50

Meat You Here Sauces Menu With Prices 

Menu ItemsPrice
Red WineSGD 1.50
MushroomSGD 1.50
Black PepperSGD 1.50
BBQ SauceSGD 1.50

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Is Meat You Here Singapore Halal?

No, Meat You Here Singapore is Not Halal Certified because they serve Pork.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Meat You Here Singapore.


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