Miznon Singapore Menu & Latest Prices List 2024

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Miznon Menu 2024

Miznon Singapore Menu Can be Classified as Pita (Wild Vegetable Animals), Pita (Grass Fed Cow.Lamb.Chicken), Pita (Ocean Creatures, Out of The Pita, Sweet, Wine, Soft Drinks, Cocktail, and Arak. Let’s Explain them one by one in detail.

Miznon Singapore Menu
Miznon Menu 2024
Miznon Singapore Menu 2024
RestaurantMiznon Singapore
Address12 Haig Rd, Singapore 430012
Delivery TimingMonday – Saturday: 8:00 am – 9:30 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 8110 5218
PaymentsDebit cards.

Miznon Pita (Wild Vegetable Animals) Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini, Salsa, Chili, Spring Onion
SGD 16.00
Eggs No Steak
Avocado, Sundown Egg, Sour Cream, Tomato, Onion
SGD 14.00
Falafel Burger
Tomato Steak, Sour Cream, Chili, Onion, Pickles, Aioli
SGD 14.00
Portobello, Oyster, Shitake Mushroom, Aioli Chili, Sour Cream
SGD 18.00
Miznon Pita (Wild Vegetable Animals) Menu

Miznon Pita (Grass Fed Cow.Lamb.Chicken) Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Pita Moussaka
Beef and Lamb Ragout and Eggplant melting into each other. Tahini, Pickles, Chili and Parsley
SGD 21.00
Pita Candy Brisket
Overnight Brisket, seared and caramelized over hot steel, in a Pita with Tahini, Tomatoes, Chili, Onions and Pickles
SGD 24.00
Steak and Egg
Sour Cream, Chili, Tomato, Onion, Japanese Cucumber
SGD 22.00
Minute Steak
Tahini, Chili, Tomato, Pickles, Onions
SGD 24.00
ABU Kebab
Lamb & Beef, Tahini, Chili, Salsa, Pickles, Onion, Parsley
SGD 24.00
Folded Cheeseburger
Tomato, Sour Cream, Aioli, Pickles, Fried Egg
SGD 22.00
Chicken Liver
Seared over hot steel, Tahini, Spring Onion, Salsa, Chili
SGD 18.00
Rotisserie Broken Chicken
Swirled with Spring Onion, Chili, Aioli, Baba Ganoush
SGD 18.00

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Miznon Pita (Ocean Creatures) Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Confit Barramundi, Harissa, Aioli, Potatoes, Pickles, Chili and a Hardboiled Egg
SGD 22.00
Fish and Chips Pita
Seared Fresh Barramundi and Fried Potatoes, Aioli, White Wine Vinegar, Parsley and Pickles
SGD 21.00
Miznon Pita (Ocean Creatures) Menu

Miznon Out of The Pita Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Run Over Potato
Roasted with butter, smashed with Sour Cream, Garlic, Herbs
SGD 11.00
Melting chickpeas over Tahini, Hardboiled Egg, Onion, Chili
SGD 16.00
Ratatouille Plate
In a stormy tomato perfume, Tahini, Hardboiled Egg
SGD 17.00
Intimate Plate
Beef Short Ribs, Roots Stew, Tahini, Chili
SGD 24.00
Spicy Moroccan Barramundi Stew, Tahini, Chili, Cilantro
SGD 26.00
Israeli Pita Rocks Salad
Toasted Zaatar Pita, Garden Veggies, Parsley and Chili
SGD 16.00

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Miznon Sweet Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Tatami Biscuit Cake
Israeli Tiramisu
SGD 14.00

Miznon Wine Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Tabor Chardonnay
Light and refreshing, packed with melon, peach and hints of tropical fruits
SGD 56.00
Tabor Merlot
Israel A classic wine, gently seasoned and aromatic presence of red fruits
SGD 65.00
Adama Cabernet Sauvignon
Israel Well spiced, concentrated and mature with a medium body and strong character
SGD 96.00
Adama Sauvignon Blanc
Israel Crisp wine with a complex, temperamental and singular personality
SGD 90.00
Adama Merlot
Israel A singular variety, soft and succulent, wrapped in deep and powerful flavours
SGD 96.00
SGD 58.00
Arlequin Shiraz Arlequin Shiraz
Notes of chocolate, black pepper and berries
SGD 56.00
Arlequin Semillion Sauvignon Blanc
Fragrant bouquets and pleasant flavours
SGD 56.00
Miznon Wine Menu

Miznon Soft Drinks Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
CokeSGD 3.50
Coke ZeroSGD 3.50
SpriteSGD 3.50
Aqua PannaSGD 5.00
KombuchaSGD 8.0

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Miznon Cocktail Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Sage Pomegranate ArakSGD 19.00
Mint Lemonade ArakSGD 19.00
Miznon Cocktail Menu

Miznon Arak Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
ArakSGD 94.00

About Miznon Singapore Menu

Miznon Singapore’s menu isn’t a singular culinary invention story. It likely reflects the overall approach of the established Israeli chef, Eyal Shani, who founded the Miznon brand. This brand focuses on offering a casual and vibrant atmosphere centered around delectable pita sandwiches. The Singapore menu likely carries this legacy forward, featuring Miznon’s signature fluffy pitas stuffed with a variety of flavorful fillings. Expect options ranging from classic hummus and roasted vegetables to more adventurous creations showcasing seasonal ingredients and bold flavors. This approach ensures a menu that caters to both those seeking a taste of Israeli street food culture and those wanting a casual and satisfying meal.

FAQs of Miznon Singapore Menu

Miznon Singapore isn’t a local invention. It’s part of a larger brand founded by Israeli chef Eyal Shani, known for its casual atmosphere and focus on delectable pita bread.

While casual, Miznon offers high-quality ingredients and innovative flavor combinations, making it a step above typical fast food.

The menu might not be entirely available online as seasonal options can change. However, Miznon Singapore might showcase some of its signature pitas or highlight seasonal fillings on its website or social media pages (Facebook, Instagram).

While they might offer some customization options, the menu likely focuses on curated pita creations designed to showcase flavor combinations.

Expect warm, fluffy pita bread baked fresh daily. It’s the perfect vessel for scooping up all the delicious fillings.

With a focus on vegetables and plant-based proteins like falafel, vegetarian options are readily available. Vegan options might be more limited, but it’s always best to check their menu or ask staff directly.

Is Miznon Singapore Menu Halal?

Yes, Miznon Singapore Menu is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Barefoot New Zealand.

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Operating Hours

Sunday – Wednesday: 11:00 am–10:30 pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11:00 am–11:00 pm



Miznon Singapore’s menu isn’t a static list of dishes, but a vibrant celebration of Israeli street food culture. Founded by the renowned Israeli chef Eyal Shani, Miznon takes a global approach while staying true to its roots. The Singapore menu reflects this perfectly. Expect the star of the show to be their signature fluffy pita bread, overflowing with a variety of fillings. These range from classic hummus and roasted vegetables to more daring flavor combinations that change seasonally. Whether you’re craving a taste of authentic Israeli cuisine or simply seeking a casual and satisfying meal, Miznon Singapore’s menu offers a delightful and flavorful adventure within a warm pita embrace. So, come hungry, grab a pita, and experience a taste of Israel right in the heart of Singapore.

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