Mr Bean Singapore Menu & Updated Price 2024

Greetings to all bean curd and soya milk Enthusiasts! Are you looking for the latest menu and prices of Mr Bean Singapore? Then you have reached the right place. We have uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and the latest prices. Prices are taken from the official sources of Mr Bean Singapore.

Mr Bean Menu 2024

Mr Bean Singapore offers a delightful selection of light bites and beverages, perfect for a quick and satisfying snack or drinks on the go. Here’s a breakdown of their main offerings:

Soy-Based Beverages:
Soya Milk: Their signature drink, available in various flavors (original, chocolate, etc.) and sugar levels. They also offer options like unsweetened and pouch varieties.
Soy Ice Cream: A refreshing and creamy alternative to traditional ice cream, available in various flavors.
Beancurd (Tau Huay):
A classic Chinese dessert made from silken tofu served warm or cold with various toppings like grass jelly, brown sugar, or peanuts.
Rice Balls:
Steamed glutinous rice balls filled with sweet or savory fillings (think red bean paste, peanut butter, or even char siew).
Grass Jelly Drinks:
Refreshing beverages made from herbal jelly, available with various flavors and toppings like sago pearls or aloe vera.
Soft and fluffy pancakes, perfect for a light breakfast or snack. They might have sweet or savory options depending on the location.
Wholegrain Mixed Rice Bowls:
A more recent addition, these bowls offer a healthier option with brown rice and various toppings like chicken, vegetables, and curry.
Other Offerings:
Grab & Go: Pre-packaged snacks like yogurt drinks, granola bars, and soya pudding might be available at some locations.
Seasonal Specials: Mr Bean might introduce limited-edition drinks or snacks based on the season.

Mr Bean Singapore Menu

Mr Bean Singapore’s menu can be categorized as Soy Milk, Beancurd, Rice Balls, Pancakes, Porridge, Granola, Mid Autumn Moon Cakes, & Grass Jelly Drinks. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one.

RestaurantMr Bean Singapore
Delivery TimingMonday – Sunday: 6:30 am – 7:00 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 8500 5700
PaymentsDebit card, and Google Pay.

Mr Bean Soy Milk Menu

Mr Bean Singapore has included two new items in their soya bean milk section. The first one is Pearl Thai Tea Soy Milk that has lightly sweet, made with soy milk & served with Tapioca Pearls. The second one is Grass Jelly Thai Tea Soy Milk which is served with grass jelly.

Classic Soy MilkSGD 2.20
Pearly Soya Milk (Cold)SGD 3.50
Pearly BandungSGD 3.50
Pearly TaroSGD 4.30
Watermelon Soy MilkSGD 4.05
Icy Sea Salt ChendolSGD 4.95
Viet Coffee (Hot)SGD 2.85
Icy Viet Coffee 16 ozSGD 5.35
Image Source: Mr Bean Official Website

Mr Bean Beancurd’s Menu

Classic BeancurdSGD 2.35
Pearly BeancurdSGD 3.50
Grass Jelly BeancurdSGD 3.50
Sea Salt Gula Melaka BeancurdSGD 3.50

Mr Bean Rice Balls

3 in 1 Rice BallsSGD 4.30
Oatmeal with Rice BallsSGD 4.50
Ginger Soup RiceBalls with BeancurdSGD 4.50
Oatmeal with Rice Balls

Mr Bean Grass Jelly Drinks

Grass Jelly DrinkSGD 2.50
Grass Jelly Soy MilkSGD 3.00

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Mr Bean Pancakes Menu & Prices

Chocolate PancakeSGD 2.10
Cheese PancakeSGD 2.20
Tuna PancakeSGD 2.50
Crunchy Peanut Butter pancakeSGD 2.50
Azuki Red Bean PancakeSGD 1.95
Kaya Cheese PancakeSGD 2.90
Hazelnut Royale PancakeSGD 2.90
Crunchy Peanut Butter pancake

Mr Bean Wholegrain Mixed Rice Bowls

Teriyaki ChickenSGD 6.30
Spicy Minced Chicken & MushroomSGD 5.90
Chicken MeatballsSGD 5.90
Soy Curry ChickenSGD 6.30
Quorn Japanese CurrySGD 8.90

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Mr Bean Soy Porridge Prices

Chicken Meatballs Millet grains Soy porridgeSGD 5.85
Spicy Minced Chicken & Mushroom Millet Grains Soy PorridgeSGD 5.85
Vegetable Jade Tofu Miller Grains Soy PorridgeSGD 5.35
Hainanese Chicken Miller Grains Soy PorridgeSGD 5.85
Soy Porridge Set MealSoy porridge with Pancake & Classis Soya MilkSGD 7.75

Mr Bean Grab & Go

Grass Jelly Bowl OriginalSGD 3.00
Dessert Jelly Bowl – Almond LonganSGD 3.25
Grass Jelly Bowl – Luo Han GuoSGD 3.00
Dessert Jelly Bowl – Longan Red DatesSGD 3.25
Grass Jelly Bowl – PeppermintSGD 3.00
Grass Jello – OriginalSGD 2.35
Dessert Jelly Bowl – Red BeanSGD 3.25
Grass Jello – ChrysanthemumSGD 2.50
Dessert Jelly bowl – Mango PuddingSGD 3.40
Almond Soy MilkSGD 3.65
Oxygenated WaterSGD 1.95
Dessert Jelly Bowl – Sweet CornSGD 3.25

Mr Bean Soy Granola Menu

Cranberry Pumpkin Seeds Soy Granola BarSGD 2.85
Blueberry Pistachio Soy Granola BarSGD 2.85
Chocolate Soy Granola BarSGD 2.85
Earl Grey Soy Granola BarSGD 2.85

Mr Bean Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

White Lotus Baked MooncakeSGD 43.95
White Lotus with Double Yolk Baked MooncakeSGD 49.15

Mr Bean Eggwich

Chicken Ham & Cheese EggwichSGD 4.55

About Mr Bean Singapore

Mr Bean was established in Singapore in 1995. Mr Bean is the soya bean food and beverage retailer chain in Singapore and Asia. Mr Bean offers a variety of soya bean drinks and snacks. Everyone can enjoy refreshing ice-blended flavored soya drinks, ice creams, pastries, and more.

Best Selling Items of Mr Bean Singapore

Soy Milk
The soya milk beverages are enjoyed by customers as a refreshing and nutritious option.

Beancrud/Tofu Pudding
A silky and smooth dessert made from soy milk served with sweet syrup or toppings.

A classic cake made with soy-based batter and cooked to a fluffy texture.

Soy Ice Cream
A dairy-free alternative prepared from soy milk.

A sandwich-like snack made with a fluffy egg omelet, paired with fillings such as ham, cheese, or chicken.

Alternatives of Mr. Bean Singapore

KOI Thé: This Taiwanese chain specializes in fresh fruit teas made with high-quality ingredients. They also offer milk tea options and creative flavor combinations.

BreadTalk: This bakery chain offers freshly baked bread, pastries, and buns with sweet and savory fillings. They also have delicious cakes and other treats.

The Alley: This Taiwanese teahouse offers a delightful selection of fruit teas, milk teas, and specialty tea drinks. They’re known for their beautiful presentations and unique flavor combinations.

Old Chang Kee: This Singaporean institution is famous for their curry puffs, a savory pastry filled with curried vegetables or meat. They also offer other delicious snacks like spring rolls and fried chicken.

FAQs of Mr. Bean Singapore

Mr Bean is famous for its soybean food and beverages chain in Singapore.

Mr Bean Serve soybean-based food and drinks products.

Yes, Mr Bean Singapore offers breakfast like cheese pancakes and a cup of classic soy milk.

Yes, Mr. Bean Singapore offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options like silky soy pudding, grass jelly bowl, beancurd, soy gelato, and riceballs.

Mr Bean is serving with 63 outlets in Singapore.

Is Mr. Bean Singapore Halal?

Yes, Mr. Bean Singapore is Halal-certified!

All the prices and images are taken from the following official sources of Mr. Bean Singapore.

Mr. Bean Singapore – Locations and Operating Hours

Mr. Bean Singapore outlets
Mr. Bean Singapore outlets in Singapore
Mr. Bean Singapore outlet locations
Mr. Bean Singapore outlet locations in Singapore
Mr. Bean Singapore outlet in Singapore
Mr. Bean Singapore locations in Singapore
Mr. Bean outlets Singapore
Mr. Bean outlets in Singapore
Mr. Bean outlet locations in Singapore
Mr. Bean locations in Singapore


In Conclusion, Mr Bean is a popular chain of food and beverage outlets that specializes in soy-based drinks and snacks in Singapore. Mr Bean has Gained popularity among locals and visitors by offering freshly prepared items. Over the years, Swensens gained a loyal following and has become a go-to destination for friends, families, and dessert lovers.

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