Orchid Live Seafood Singapore Menu & Price List Updated 2024

Hello seafood enthusiasts, are you searching for the most recent Menu prices of Orchid Live Seafood? You’re in the perfect place! We have uploaded their complete Menu with updated prices. The prices have been sourced directly from the official outlets of Orchid.

Orchid Live Seafood Singapore Menu

Set Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Set Menu for 2 pax
Live Lobster Porridge (600g), Steven Chicken, Stir-Fry Baby Kai Lan with silver fish, Topshell Crispy Toufu
SGD 95.00
Boston Menu for 2 Pax
Live Boston Lobster Porridge, Steven Chicken, Stir-Fry Baby Kai Lan with silver fish, Topshell Crispy Toufu
SGD 105.00
Set Menu for 4 Pax
Live Lobster Porridge (1Kg), 1 Live Crab (Choose your flavour), Steven Chicken, Topshell Crispy Tofu, Stir Fry Baby Kailan With Silver Fish
SGD 218.00
Set Menu for 6 Pax
Live Lobster Porridge (1.5Kg), 1 Large Crab (800- 900g), Steven Chicken, 6 Pcs Bamboo Clam, Live Soon Hock
SGD 398.00
Set Menu for 8-10 Px
Live Lobster Porridge (1.5Kg), 2 Live Large Crab, Spinach with Braised Slice Abalone, Steven Chicken, Live Soon Hock, Topshell Crispy Tofu, Yam Paste with Ginko Nut
SGD 598.00

Signature Lobster Porridge

Menu ItemsPrice
Lobster Porridge
SGD 72.00
Western Australia Lobster Porridge
Western Australian Lobster Porridge
SGD 138.00
Southern Australia Lobster Porridge
1 piece 1Kg of Live Southern Australia Lobster
SGD 158.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Teochew Cold Crab
2 Crabs, Double shell, yellow roe, teochew style cold crab
SGD 70.00
Live Geoduck
Live USA Geoduck, approximately 1kg each, Sashimi served, served with Wasabi and Japanese Soy Sauce.
SGD 108.00
Live Boston Lobster
Live Boston Lobsters (600-650g)
SGD 68.00
1 Large Crab
1 large Crab (800-900g) Available in White Pepper, Chilli, Cream Cheese or Black Pepper
SGD 85.00
Live Soon Hock
SGD 80.00
Live Prawns
Live Prawns
SGD 30.00
Braised Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables
Braised Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables
SGD 38.00
Orchid Live Seafood Signature Platter, Pen Cai


Menu ItemsPrice
Steven ChickenSGD 16.00
Spring Onion BeefSGD 18.00
Smoked DuckSGD 20.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken with LonganSGD 20.00

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Tofu and Vegetables

Menu ItemsPrice
Topshell Crispy ToufuSGD 15.00
Fried Beancurd Skin With Prawn PasteSGD 20.00
Stir Fry Baby KailanSGD 12.00
Stir Fry SpinachSGD 12.00

Rice & Noodle

Menu ItemsPrice
Signature Fried RiceSGD 8.00
Mee GorengSGD 8.00
Steamed RiceSGD 1.50
Fried Mantou (12pcs)SGD 8.00
Orchid Live Seafood Additional Dishes


Menu ItemsPrice
Orh Nee for 4 paxSGD 15.80
Orchid Live Seafood mothers  day Specials

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SG’s Favorite items on the Orchid Live Seafood Menu are:

Menu ItemsPrice
Live GeoduckSGD 88.00
Salmon YushengSGD 58.00
Lobster PorridgeSGD 70.00
Live OyesterSGD 30.00
Orchid Live Seafood Father day Specials

Is Orchid Live Seafood Halal?

No, Orchid Live Seafood is not Halal because they serves pork.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Orchid Live Seafood Singapore.

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