Tashas Restaurant Singapore Menu Price 2024

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

Greeting to all foodies! Are you searching for the Tashas Restaurant Singapore Menu Price 2024? You’re in the right place! Here, you’ll discover the Tashas Restaurant Menu along with their prices.

Tashas Restaurant Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Tashas Restaurant Menu with Prices.

Tashas Restaurant Menu 2024

Tashas Restaurant Singapore Menu can be categorized as Signature Seafood, Biryani, Go – Goreng, Go – Chop, Murtabak, Prata, Thosai, Meatlo, Sides, Ice Blended, Teh, Kopi, Non-Caffeinated, and Mocktails. Let’s see the details of each items one by one.

Tashas Restaurant Signature Seafood Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Salted Egg Masala SquidSGD 11.80
Black Sauce SquidSGD 11.80

Tashas Restaurant Biryani Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Masala Chicken BriyaniSGD 7.50

Tashas Restaurant Go – Goreng Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
GorengSGD 5.00

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Tashas Restaurant Go – Chop Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Chop With French FriesSGD 9.80
Tashas Restaurant Singapore Menu With Prices

Tashas Restaurant Murtabak Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tasha’s Special MurtabakSGD 15.00
Plain MurtabakSGD 4.50

Tashas Restaurant Prata Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Volcano PrataSGD 3.80
Chicken Coin Set PrataSGD 7.80
Sardine Coin Set PrataSGD 6.80
Plain PrataSGD 1.40
Tashas Restaurant Singapore Menu

Tashas Restaurant Thosai Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Plain ThosaiSGD 2.00
UthappamSGD 2.50
Egg ThosaiSGD 3.00
Onion ThosaiSGD 3.00
Masala ThosaiSGD 3.50
Cheese ThosaiSGD 3.50
Chicken Keema ThosaiSGD 4.20
Sardine ThosaiSGD 4.00
Chicken Sausage ThosaiSGD 3.50
Ghee ThosaiSGD 3.20
Butter ThosaiSGD 3.00
Sugar ThosaiSGD 2.80
Mushroom ThosaiSGD 3.50
Garlic ThosaiSGD 3.20

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Tashas Restaurant Meatlo Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tasha’s Special Roti JohnSGD 15.00
Chicken Roti JohnSGD 8.00
Sardine Roti JohnSGD 7.80

Tashas Restaurant Sides Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Omelette Onion ChilliSGD 3.00
Stir-fried ChickenSGD 4.80
Tashas Restaurant Sides Menu Wth Prices

Tashas Restaurant Ice Blended Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Milo Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Nescafe Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Oreo Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Hershey’s Chocolate Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Mango Spin Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Blueberry Spin Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Green Apple Spin Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Lemon Spin Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Chocolate Chip Ice BlendedSGD 3.80
Rainbow Spree Ice BlendedSGD 3.80

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Tashas Restaurant Teh Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Teh C KosongSGD 1.40
Teh TarikSGD 1.40
Signature TeaSGD 1.80
Teh HaliaSGD 1.70
Teh CSGD 1.50
Teh C HaliaSGD 1.80
Teh OSGD 1.20
Teh O HaliaSGD 1.50
Teh O LimauSGD 1.40
Teh O Limau HaliaSGD 1.50

Tashas Restaurant Kopi Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Kopi HaliaSGD 1.70
Kopi C HaliaSGD 1.80
Kopi C KosongSGD 1.40
Kopi CSGD 1.50
KopiSGD 1.40
Kopi C Halia KosongSGD 1.70
Kopi OSGD 1.20
Kopi O HaliaSGD 1.50
Bru CoffeeSGD 1.80
Kopi O KosongSGD 1.20
NescafeSGD 1.80

Tashas Restaurant Non-Caffeinated Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Milo DinosaurSGD 1.80
Milo KosongSGD 1.50
Milo CSGD 1.60
MiloSGD 1.50
Milo C KosongSGD 1.60
NesloSGD 1.80
LimauSGD 1.40
Limau OSGD 1.40
Limau HaliaSGD 1.80
Limau Halia OSGD 1.80
HaliaSGD 1.40
Halia OSGD 1.40
Halia HoneySGD 1.80

Tashas Restaurant Mocktails Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mango SodaSGD 2.80
Honeydew SodaSGD 2.80
Blueberry SodaSGD 2.80
Green Apple SodaSGD 2.80
Syrup SodaSGD 2.80

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Is Tashas Restaurant Singapore Halal?

Yes, Tashas Restaurant Singapore is Halal Certified Restaurant.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Tashas Restaurant Singapore.

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