Took Lae Dee Singapore Menu Price 2024

Greeting to all Thai Food Enthusiasts! Are you searching for the Took Lae Dee Singapore Menu Price 2024? You’re in the right place! Here, you’ll discover the Took Lae Dee Menu along with their prices.

Took Lae Dee Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Took Lae Dee Menu with Prices.

Took Lae Dee Menu 2024

Took Lae Dee Singapore Menu can be categorized as Salad, Vegetable, Rice, Noodles, Sharing, Soup & Curry, Sides, and Beverages. Lets see the details of each items one by one.

Took Lae Dee Salad Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Som Tum
Medium spicy. Green papaya salad
SGD 7.70 

Took Lae Dee Singapore Vegetable Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Thai Morning GlorySGD 6.50
Stir-Fried KailanSGD 7.70 

Took Lae Dee Rice Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Braised Pork RiceSGD 8.80
Kao Moo Kra Tiem Prik Thai
Fried pork with garlic, pepper & rice
SGD 7.70 
Kao Pad Sapparot
Pineapple fried rice
SGD 8.70 
Kao Pad
Fried rice with chicken or pork
SGD 7.70
Marinated Pork With RiceSGD 8.80
Pad Krapow
All time favorite. Minced chicken or pork with chilli & basil leaves & rice
SGD 7.80 

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Took Lae Dee Noodles Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tom Yum Noodle Soup PorkSGD 8.80
Tom Yum Noodle Soup ChickenSGD 8.80
Pad Thai
All time favourite. Thai fried rice noodles with choice of chicken or prawn
SGD 7.80 
Pad See Ew
Fried noodles in sweet dark sauce with choice of chicken, pork or beef
SGD 7.80
Clear Noodle Soup PorkSGD 7.80 
Clear Noodle Soup ChickenSGD 7.80
Boat NoodleSGD 7.80 

Took Lae Dee Sharing Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Minced Pork Thai OmeletteSGD 7.50
Moo Kra Tiem
Thai style fried garlic pork
SGD 11.50 
Pork Trotter PlatterSGD 12.80 
Prawn Thai OmeletteSGD 8.80

Took Lae Dee Soup & Curry Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Tom Yum Seafood with RiceSGD 12.80 
Green Curry with RiceSGD 11.50 

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Took Lae Dee Sides Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Thai Style Fried EggSGD 1.50 
Thai Fish CakeSGD 6.20

Took Lae Dee Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Mineral WaterSGD 1.50 
SpriteSGD 2.30 

Is Took Lae Dee Singapore Halal?

No, Took Lae Dee Singapore is Not Halal Certified because they serve Pork.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Took Lae Dee Singapore.

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