Good Bites Singapore Menu Prices 2024

Greetings to all Halal food Enthusiasts! Are you searching for the Good Bites Singapore Menu Prices 2024? You’re in the right place! Here, you’ll discover the Good Bites Menu along with their prices.

Good Bites Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Good Bites Menu with Prices.

Good Bites Menu 2024

Good Bites Singapore Menu can be categorized as Appetizers, Mains, Pasta, Burger, Sides, Desserts, Combos, & Beverages. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Good Bites Appetizers Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Mushroom SoupSGD 7.50
Caesar SaladSGD 7.50
Healthy SaladSGD 5.50
House SaladSGD 10.50

Good Bites Mains Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Steak OutSGD 18.00
Cajun Lamb RankSGD 25.00
Baked SalmonSGD 15.50
Grilled Free Range ChickenSGD 18.50

Good Bites Pasta Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Tomyam Chicken/Seafood PastaSGD 15.50
Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham CarbonaraSGD 15.50
Vegetarian Aglio OlioSGD 14.00
Tomato Chicken/Seafood PastaSGD 15.50
Spicy Chicken/Seafood Aglio OlioSGD 15.50
Creamy Chicken/Seafood CarbonaraSGD 15.50
Chili Crab Chicken/Seafood PastaSGD 15.50
Sambal Goreng Chicken/Seafood PastaSGD 15.50
Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham Aglio OlioSGD 15.50

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Good Bites Burger Options Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Egg Ploding BurgerSGD 17.50
Thai Fish BurgerSGD 18.00
Fat Prawn BurgerSGD 18.50
Garlic Chili BurgerSGD 18.00
Satay BurgerSGD 18.00
Da Burger BombSGD 17.00
Shiok BurgerSGD 17.00

Good Bites Combos Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Set Meal for 1
1 Pasta with 1 Drink
SGD 13.75
Set Meal For 2
2 Pastas plus 2 Drinks
SGD 33.05
Set Meal for 4
4 Pastas with 3 sides & 4 Drinks
SGD 71.75
Set Meal for 6
6 Pastas with 3 Sides 1 Basket & 6 Drinks
SGD 114.00

Good Bites Desserts Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Speculoos CroffleSGD 10.00
Chocolate CroffleSGD 10.00
Marshmallows CroffleSGD 10.00
Speculoos CheesecakeSGD 10.00
Chocolate Crisp Mousse CakeSGD 10.00
Oreo Cookie CroffleSGD 10.00
Ondeh Ondeh Layer CakeSGD 10.00
Tiramisu Mousse CakeSGD 10.00
Sea Salt Caramel CakeSGD 10.00
Honey Earl Hazelnut Layer CakeSGD 10.00
Black Sesame Layer CakeSGD 10.00
Yam Orh Nee Layer CakeSGD 10.00
Royal Blackforest Layer CakeSGD 10.00
Mango Passion Layer CakeSGD 10.00

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Good Bites Singapore Beverages Menu

Special Coffee

Menu ItemsPrice
Strawberry Iced Coffee LatteSGD 9.00
Passion Fruit Sparkling AmericanoSGD 9.00
Blue Lagoon Iced LatteSGD 9.00


Menu ItemsPrice
Cookie TopSGD 10.00
Mel My HeartSGD 10.00
Grummy PopSGD 10.00
ChocoloveSGD 10.00
Salted CaramelSGD 10.00
Berry SweetSGD 10.00
Is Good Bites Singapore Halal?

Yes, Good Bites Singapore is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Good Bites Singapore.

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