Huggs Coffee Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024

Greetings to all Coffee Enthusiasts, Are you searching for the Huggs Coffee Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2024? Then, you reached at the right place. Here, you’ll discover the latest Huggs Coffee Menu along with their prices.

Huggs Coffee Menu & prices are sourced directly from their official channels. Below is the list of the latest Huggs Coffee Menu with Prices.

Huggs Coffee Menu 2024

Huggs Coffee Singapore’s Menu can be categorized as Classic, Specialty, and Local. Tea, Frappe, Wraps, Pastries, Muffins, & Others. Now, let’s see the details of each item one by one. 

Huggs Coffee Bundles Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Wrap Bundle – Latte/Americano + WrapFrom SGD 12.90
Wrap Bundle – Kopi C/Teh C + WrapFrom SGD 9.50
Muffin Bundle – Latte/Americano + MuffinFrom SGD 9.50
Muffin Bundle – Kopi C/Teh C + MuffinFrom SGD 7.20

Huggs Coffee Classic Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Cafe LatteFrom SGD 6.90
CappuccinoFrom SGD 6.90
Flat WhiteFrom SGD 6.40
MochaFrom SGD 7.50
AmericanoFrom SGD 5.80
White AmericanoFrom SGD 5.80
CortadoFrom SGD 6.90
PiccoloFrom SGD 6.40
Hazelnut LatteFrom SGD 7.40
Vanilla LatteFrom SGD 7.40
Caramel LatteFrom SGD 7.40
Irish Crème LatteFrom SGD 7.40

Huggs Specialty Coffee Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Archipelago Cold BrewFrom SGD 6.40
Latte GulaFrom SGD 7.50
Turmeric Oat LatteFrom SGD 7.50
Matcha LatteFrom SGD 8.10
Hoji-cinoFrom SGD 8.10

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Huggs Coffee Local Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
KopiSGD 3.20
Kopi CSGD 3.40
Kopi OSGD 2.80
TehSGD 3.20
Teh CSGD 3.40
Teh OSGD 2.80
Iced Kopi GrandeSGD 4.50
Iced Kopi C GrandeSGD 4.80
Iced Kopi O GrandeSGD 4.30
Iced Teh GrandeSGD 4.50
Iced Teh C GrandeSGD 4.80

Huggs Coffee Frappe Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Pure Double ChocolateSGD 8.70
Espresso MochaSGD 8.70
Espresso GulaSGD 8.70
Japanese MatchaSGD 8.70

Huggs Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Masala TeaFrom SGD 4.20
Ginger TeaFrom SGD 4.20
Cardamom TeaFrom SGD 4.20
English Breakfast TeaFrom SGD 4.60
Earl Grey TeaFrom SGD 4.60
Green TeaFrom SGD 4.60
Peppermint TeaFrom SGD 4.60
Chamomile TeaFrom SGD 4.60
Strawberry Rooibos CreamFrom SGD 4.60
Iced Thai Milk TeaSGD 5.20
Iced Peach & Green TeaSGD 5.80
Iced Watermelon & Mint TeaSGD 5.80
Strawberry Rooibos Cream

Huggs Others Options Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
French Hot ChocolateFrom SGD 7.20
Sicilian Lemon HoneyFrom SGD 5.20

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Huggs Wraps Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Wholemeal Pesto Mushroom WrapSGD 7.50
Wholemeal Butter Chicken WrapSGD 7.50
Wholemeal Satay Chicken WrapSGD 7.50
Wholemeal Turkey Ham & Cheese WrapSGD 7.50
Mexican Beef WrapSGD 7.50
Thai Chicken WrapSGD 7.50
Wholemeal Turkey Ham & Cheese Wrap

Huggs Pastries Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Butter CroissantSGD 4.10
Chocolate CroissantSGD 4.60
Huggs Pastries

Huggs Coffee Muffins Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Blueberry MuffinSGD 5.20
Double Chocolate MuffinSGD 5.20
Banana Walnut MuffinSGD 5.20

Is Huggs Coffee Halal?

No. Huggs Coffee Singapore is not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Huggs Coffee Singapore.

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