Beauty in the Pot Singapore Menu & Price List 2024

Hello Chinese food lovers, Are you searching for the latest Beauty in The Pot Menu for Singapore in 2024? Well, you’re in the perfect place! Right here, you’ll find the freshest Beauty in The Pot Singapore Menu along with the prices. These Menu items and prices are directly obtained from the Beauty in The Pot outlets in Singapore. Take a look below for the most recent Beauty in The Pot menu and its corresponding prices.

Beauty in the Pot Menu Prices 2024

Beauty in the Pot Singapore Menu can be categorized as Handmade Balls, Specialty Homemade Paste, Seafood, Dumpling, Beancurd, Mushrooms, Vegetables, Rice & Noodles, Pork, Beef & Mutton, Chicken, Condiment, Assorted Platter, Poached Rice Set, Noodle Set, Set Menu, and Beverages. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Bitp Handmade Balls Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Teochew Style Fish BallSGD 5.56
Beef BallSGD 5.97
Black Pepper Pork Meat BallSGD 5.56
Soft Bone Pork Meat BallSGD 5.97
Squid BallSGD 7.00
Cheesy Chicken BallSGD 6.18

Bitp Specialty Homemade Paste Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Fish PasteSGD 10.81
Otak-otak Fish PasteSGD 11.85
Century Egg Fish PasteSGD 11.85
Dried Scallop Fish PasteSGD 14.32
Pork PasteSGD 13.29
Ebiko Prawn PasteSGD 19.47

Beauty in the Pot Seafood Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Red GaroupaSGD 29.66
Sliced Toman FishSGD 9.68
Drunken Tiger PrawnSGD 14.21
Fresh Red Leg Sea PrawnsSGD 12.77
Green MusselsSGD 8.65
Fresh ScallopsSGD 12.36
Baby OctopusSGD 8.65
Fresh Octopus TentaclesSGD 8.65
Japanese Crab StickSGD 5.56
Fresh White Sea PrawnsSGD 12.77
Alaskan Crab StickSGD 7.42
Red ClamsSGD 11.47
WhelkSGD 10.30

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Beauty in the Pot Dumpling Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Prawn Roll DumplingSGD 5.97
Pork & Chives DumplingSGD 5.36
Prawn DumplingSGD 8.03
Pork Roll DumplingsSGD 4.12

Beauty in the Pot Beancurd Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Firm TofuSGD 2.27
Silken TofuSGD 2.37
Beancurd Skin TripeSGD 4.02
Dried Beancurd StickSGD 3.40
Fried Beancurd SkinSGD 5.77
Iced TofuSGD 3.30

Beauty in the Pot Mushrooms Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
White & Hon ShimejiSGD 4.64
Abalone MushroomSGD 3.91
Fresh MushroomSGD 4.43
Drumstick MushroomSGD 4.12
Enoki MushroomSGD 4.33
Black FungusSGD 3.91
Snow FungusSGD 3.30
Cordyceps FlowerSGD 6.18
Morel Ear MushroomsSGD 8.24

Beauty in the Pot Vegetables Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Baby Chinese SpinachSGD 4.12
Chinese CabbageSGD 4.12
Baby Lady’s FingerSGD 4.12
Tang OSGD 4.53
SpinachSGD 4.12
Pearl Sweet CornSGD 4.53
Baby CornSGD 2.58
Sliced Lotus RootSGD 3.60
Sliced PotatoSGD 2.37
Golden TaroSGD 4.02
Baby Bamboo ShootSGD 6.59
Fresh Water Bamboo ShootSGD 6.59
Bamboo ShootSGD 4.33
White RadishSGD 3.09
Sliced Winter MelonSGD 2.37

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Bitp Rice & Noodle Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Rice CakeSGD 3.91
Potato Thin VermicelliSGD 3.91
Potato Wide VermicelliSGD 3.91
Handmade Udon NoodlesSGD 3.91
Glass NoodlesSGD 3.40
La Mian (Per Portion)SGD 3.09
Fragrant White RiceSGD 1.13

Beauty in the Pot Pork Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Nagano Pork CollarSGD 11.12
Nagano Pork BellySGD 12.15
Sliced Pork CollarSGD 7.62
Sliced Spanish Pork CollarSGD 10.71
Sliced Pork BellySGD 9.06
US Kurobuta PorkSGD 12.15
Pork JowlSGD 8.65
Sliced PorkSGD 7.21
Tender US Kurobuta PorkSGD 12.15
Spicy Sliced PorkSGD 7.21
Luncheon MeatSGD 4.12
Crispy Luncheon MeatSGD 4.63
Pig’s IntestineSGD 5.56
Pig’s KidenySGD 6.59

Beauty in the Pot Beef & Mutton Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Tender Sliced BeefSGD 11.33
US Angus Prime Short RibsSGD 16.48
US Marbled Beef CubesSGD 15.45
US Wagyu BeefSGD 26.78
Sliced US BeefSGD 11.33
Ox’s TongueSGD 10.09
Sliced LambSGD 10.00

Beauty in the Pot Chicken Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Cheesy Chicken SausageSGD 7.62
Crunchy Gourmet Chicken SausageSGD 7.62
Chinese Wine Kampong ChickenSGD 14.83

Bitp Condiment Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Beauty Sesame DipSGD 2.99
Garlic Vinegar DipSGD 2.99
Crispy Garlic Spicy DipSGD 2.99
Peanut Sesame DipSGD 2.99
Supreme Soya SauceSGD 1.55
Thai Lime Chili SauceSGD 1.55
Sweet Thai Chili SauceSGD 1.55
Spicy Minced Beef SauceSGD 4.02
Mushroom SauceSGD 2.99
Fragrant Spicy SauceSGD 2.99
VinegarSGD 1.24
Sesame Peanut SauceSGD 1.96
Red Fermented BeancurdSGD 1.96
Sha Cha SauceSGD 4.02
Minced GarlicSGD 1.24
Chinese Chives SauceSGD 2.99
Preserved VegetablesSGD 1.24
Crispy SoybeansSGD 1.24
Sesame OilSGD 1.55
Chili OilSGD 1.55
Garlic OilSGD 1.55
SesameSGD 1.55
Ground PeanutSGD 1.55
Fried GarlicSGD 2.99
Spring OnionSGD 1.24
CorianderSGD 1.24
Chili PadiSGD 1.24

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Beauty in the Pot Assorted Platter Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Assorted Seafood Luxury PlatterSGD 121.54
Boston Lobster Seafood Mixed PlatterSGD 173.04
Assorted Beef & Pork PlatterSGD 59.74
Assorted Pork PlatterSGD 39.14
Assorted Beef PlatterSGD 56.65
Specialty Meat PlatterSGD 41.10
Assorted Paste PlatterSGD 28.63
Assorted Seafood PlatterSGD 71.89
Assorted Dumpling PlatterSGD 14.32
Assorted Mushroom PlatterSGD 19.47
Assorted Ball PlatterSGD 14.32

Bitp Poached Rice Set Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Collagen Broth Poached Rice (Pork)SGD 19.36
Collagen Broth Poached Rice (Seafood)SGD 21.42
Collagen Broth Poached Rice (Beef)SGD 24.51

Beauty in the Pot Noodle Set Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Frozen Seafood Noodle SetSGD 26.57
Ready to Eat Seafood Noodle SetSGD 26.57
Frozen Assorted Pork Noodle SetSGD 17.30
Ready to Eat Assorted Pork Noodle SetSGD 17.30
Frozen Dumpling & Handmade Ball Noodle SetSGD 19.36
Ready to Eat Dumpling & Handmade Ball Noodle SetSGD 19.36
Frozen Beef Noodle SetSGD 21.42
Ready to Eat Beef Noodle SetSGD 21.42

Bitp Set Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
4 Pax SetSGD 90.65
6 Pax SetSGD 131.85
8 Pax SetSGD 193.65

Beauty in the Pot Beverages Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Chilled Sour Plum DrinkSGD 1.85
Chilled Lou Han GuoSGD 1.85
Coke (Can)SGD 3.40
Coke Zero (Can)SGD 3.40
Sprite (Can)SGD 3.40
Heaven & Earth Ayataka Green Tea (Can)SGD 3.40
Tiger BeerSGD 9.27
Fruit Tree Apple JuiceSGD 3.92

Is Beauty in the Pot Halal?

No, Beauty in the Pot Singapore Is Not Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Beauty in the Pot Singapore.

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