Cafe de Paris Singapore Menu & Updated Prices 2024

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Cafe de Paris Menu 2024

Cafe de Paris Singapore Menu Can be Classified as Starters, Korean Fresh Fruits Bonbon Delights, Meals, Pizza, Fresh Juices & Milkshakes, Speciality Coffee, Beverages, French Tea, and Sides. Let’s Explain them one by one in detail.

Cafe de Paris Singapore Sweet Tea
Cafe de Paris Singapore Beverages
Cafe de Paris Singapore Promotions Menu
Cafe de Paris Singapore High Tea
RestaurantCafe de Paris Singapore
Address313 Orchard Rd, #B1-37, Singapore 238895
Delivery TimingMonday – Saturday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Delivery Hotline+65 8718 0889
PaymentsDebit cards.

Cafe De Paris Starters Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Yuzu Osmanthus
A refreshing and light option with Japanese Yuzu-infused cream between layers, topped with aromatic dried Osmanthus flowers
SGD 8.50
Tiramisu Dessert
Recommended. Italian dessert with espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs & whipped cream topped with blueberries
SGD 8.50
Speculoos Cheesecake
American cheesecake baked with caramelized biscuits
SGD 8.50
Red Velvet Cake
A velvety sponge filled topped with cream & mascarpone cheese
SGD 7.90
Rainbow Cake
A kaleidoscope of multi coloured sponge amidst decadent layers of honeyed cream cheese frosting
SGD 7.90
Orh Nee Yam Cake
A soft light purple sponge layered with traditional Teochew yam paste and coconut cream
SGD 8.50
Oreo Cheesecake
American cheesecake baked with real Oreo cookies
SGD 7.90
Ondeh Ondeh Cake
Recommended. A delicious version of the traditional Singaporean kueh! 4 pandan layers filled with guka melaka cream & coconut. Must try
SGD 7.90
Mille Crepe
Our very own home made specialty, crafted with love care & layer by layer
SGD 7.90
Comes in Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Orange, Passion Fruit
SGD 7.90
Lychee Rose Cake
Tantalizing real lychee cake layered & infused with rose
SGD 8.50
Lemon Meringue
House-made lemon curd from hand-squeezed fresh lemon juice and zest nestled amidst layers of vanilla sponge, finished with a torched meringue frosting.
SGD 7.90
Honey Hazelnut Earl Grey Cake
Earl gray infused sponge layered with earl gray & hazelnut cream
SGD 8.50
Earl Grey Cheesecake
Dilmah earl gray tea leaves, Japanese earl gray powder blended in a rich cream & set atop a hand pressed graham cracker base
SGD 8.50
Cafe De Paris Starters Menu

Cafe De Paris Korean Fresh Fruits Bonbon Delights Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Blueberry BonbonSGD 13.44
Brownie BonbonSGD 13.44
Grape BonbonSGD 13.44
Mango BonbonSGD 14.24
Melon BonbonSGD 14.24
Pineapple BonbonSGD 13.44
Strawberry BonbonSGD 14.24

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Cafe De Paris Meals Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Avocado ToastSGD 10.24
Beef Bulgogi WrapSGD 11.04
Beef LasagneSGD 12.64
Chicken Italian ToastSGD 14.24
Egg ToastSGD 9.44
Lazy BrunchSGD 14.24
Minced Chicken LasagneSGD 12.64
Mixed Fruits SaladSGD 12.64
Cafe De Paris Meals Menu

Cafe De Paris Pizza Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Hawaiian PizzaSGD 9.44
Beef Pepperoni PizzaSGD 9.44

Cafe De Paris Fresh Juices & Milkshakes Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Apple & Kiwi JuiceSGD 6.40
Apple JuiceSGD 6.40
Avocado MilkshakeSGD 7.04
Lemon & Orange JuiceSGD 6.40
Mango JuiceGSD 5.92
Orange JuiceSGD 6.40
Pineapple JuiceSGD 6.40
Strawberry JuiceSGD 6.40
Strawberry MilkshakeSGD 7.84
Vanilla MilkshakeSGD 7.84
Cafe De Paris Fresh Juices & Milkshakes Menu

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Cafe De Paris Speciality Coffee Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
AmericanoSGD 4.40
CappuccinoSGD 5.20
EspressoSGD 4.00
Espresso Con PannaSGD 4.40
Espresso MacchiatoSGD 4.40
Flat WhiteSGD 5.20
Flavored LatteGSD 5.52
LatteSGD 5.20

Cafe De Paris Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Sweet Potato LatteSGD 6.40
Sweet Potato FrappuccinoSGD 6.80
Honey YuzuSGD 4.40
Honey JujubeSGD 4.40
Honey GingerSGD 4.40
Green Tea LatteSGD 6.40
Green Tea FrappuccinoSGD 6.80
Chocolate FrappuccinoSGD 6.80
ChocolateSGD 6.40
Cafe De Paris Beverages Menu

Cafe De Paris French Tea Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Chamomile TeaSGD 6.00
Earl Grey TeaSGD 6.00
English BreakfastSGD 6.00
Jasmine Green TeaSGD 6.00
Mint TeaSGD 6.00
Red Berry TeaSGD 6.00

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Cafe De Paris Sides Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Tempura Chicken Cheese StripsSGD 7.84
Roasted DrumletsSGD 7.84
Popcorn ChickenSGD 7.84
Golden Chicken NuggetsSGD 7.84
FriesSGD 7.04
Cafe De Paris Singapore French Tea Menu

About Cafe de Paris Singapore Menu

Cafe de Paris Singapore’s origins aren’t entirely clear. It likely wasn’t the brainchild of a single culinary genius. Established sometime in the 1980s, it may have begun as a French-inspired cafe offering a taste of Parisian culture in Singapore. Over time, the menu likely evolved to cater to local preferences. Think French classics alongside familiar Southeast Asian dishes, perhaps with a touch of local flair. This fusion approach might reflect Singapore’s multicultural identity, offering a taste of France with a Southeast Asian twist, perfect for locals and tourists seeking a bit of Parisian charm with a touch of Singaporean comfort.

FAQs of Cafe de Paris Singapore Menu

The exact origins are unclear, but Cafe de Paris likely started in the 1980s, offering a taste of Parisian culture in Singapore. Over time, their menu likely adapted to incorporate local flavors, creating their unique fusion concept.

The menu might have some seasonal variations, offering new dishes or highlighting fresh local ingredients.

The ambiance is likely casual and Parisian-inspired, with a touch of Singaporean flair. Think comfy seating, warm lighting, and perhaps even some French music playing in the background.

They likely offer a selection of beverages like coffee, tea, French sodas, and perhaps even a small selection of wines and beers.

Cafe de Paris might offer special afternoon tea sets, complete with pastries, sandwiches, and tea, for a delightful Parisian-inspired experience.

Some Cafe de Paris outlets might have outdoor seating, perfect for enjoying your meal while people-watching.

Cafe de Paris Singapore Menu Halal?

No, the Cafe de Paris Singapore Menu is Not Halal Certified.

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All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Cafe de Paris Singapore

Cafe de Paris Singapore – Location and Operating Hours

#B1-37, 313 Orchard Road Singapore, Singapore 238895

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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