Ming Kitchen Seafood Menu & Prices List Singapore 2024

Hello Seafood Enthusiasts! Are you in search of the latest Ming Kitchen Singapore Menu? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve uploaded their complete Menu, with latest pictures and prices. The prices are sourced from the official sources of Ming Kitchen Seafood Singapore.

Ming Kitchen Menu 2024

Ming Kitchen Singapore menu can be categorized as Prawns, Crabs, Fish, Lala, Seafood Treasures, Soups, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetables, Beancurd, Noodles, Rice, & Omelet. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Ming Kitchen Prawns Menu

Salted Egg Prawn BallSGD 24.00
Herbal PrawnsSGD 24.00
Cereal PrawnsSGD 24.00
Prawns with Superior Pepper BrothSGD 24.00
Dry Fried PrawnsSGD 24.00
Salted Egg PrawnsSGD 24.00
Salad Prawn BallSGD 24.00
Cereal Prawn BallSGD 24.00

Ming Kitchen Crabs

Signature Chili CrabSGD 48.00
Black Pepper CrabSGD 48.00
Butter CrabSGD 48.00
Baked Salted Egg CrabSGD 48.00
Stewed Bee Hoon with CrabSGD 48.00
Crab in SteamboatSGD 48.00
Crab in Thick Bee HoonSGD 48.00

Ming Kitchen Noodles Menu

Fish Head Bee HoonSGD 8.00
Sum Lor Hor FunSGD 8.00
Seafood White Bee HoonSGD 8.00
Stir-fried Dry Beef Hor FunSGD 7.40
Claypot NoodleSGD 7.40
Stir-fried Beef Hor Fun in Black Bean SauceSGD 7.40
Stir-fried Dry VermicelliSGD 6.70
Mee GorengSGD 6.70
Stir-fried Noodle with TomatoSGD 6.70
Stir-fried Dry Glass NoodleSGD 6.70
Cantonese Style Yuan YangSGD 6.00
Sin Chew Fried Bee HoonSGD 6.00
Stir-fried Hong Kong NoodleSGD 6.00
Stir-fried Hor Fun in Black Bean SauceSGD 6.00
Stir-fried Crispy Hong Kong Noodle in GravySGD 5.40
Ee Noodle in GravySGD 5.40
Hor Fun in GravySGD 5.40
Hokkien Mee in GravySGD 5.40
Bee Hoon in GravySGD 5.40

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Ming Kitchen Seafood Rice Menu

Seafood Fried Rice with XO SauceSGD 7.40
Salted Fish & Diced Chicken Fried RiceSGD 6.70
Seafood Fried RiceSGD 6.70
Smoked Duck Fried RiceSGD 6.70
Chinese Sausage & Luncheon Meat Fried RiceSGD 6.00
Salted Fish Fried RiceSGD 6.00
Sambal Fried RiceSGD 6.00
Yang Zhou Fried RiceSGD 5.40
Stewed RiceSGD 5.40
Salted Egg Spare Ribs King RiceSGD 8.70
Sambal Shrimp RiceSGD 8.70
Diced Chicken with Salted Egg RiceSGD 8.70
Sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion RiceSGD 8.00
Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish RiceSGD 8.00
Spare Ribs King RiceSGD 7.40
Sweet & Sour Pork RiceSGD 6.70
Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli RiceSGD 6.70
Diced Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion RiceSGD 6.70
Sliced Pork with Ginger & Spring Onion RiceSGD 6.70
Bitter Gourd Chicken in Black Bean Sauce RiceSGD 6.70
Sambal Diced Chicken RiceSGD 6.70
Sambal Sliced Pork RiceSGD 6.70
Assorted Vegetable RiceSGD 6.70
Black Pepper Diced Chicken RiceSGD 6.70
Sweet & Sour Chicken RiceSGD 6.70
Fragrant Stir-fried Diced Chicken RiceSGD 6.70
Fragrant Stir-fried Sliced Pork RiceSGD 6.70
Venison Fried RiceSGD 10.70


Fishhead & Fishhead Steamboat

Nyonya Fish HeadSGD 32.00
Curry Fish HeadSGD 32.00
Claypot Fish HeadSGD 32.00
Fish Head with Bitter Gourd in Black Bean SauceSGD 32.00
Red Grouper SteamboatSGD 48.00
Snapper Fish Head in SteamboatSGD 33.40

Sliced Fish

Three Cup Sliced FisSGD 16.00
Sliced Fish with Ginger & Spring OnionSGD 16.00
Sweet & Sour Sliced FishSGD 16.00
Sliced Fish with Bitter Gourd in Black Bean SauceSGD 16.00

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Ming Kitchen Seafood Treasures and Lala

Stir-fried Clams with Ginger & Spring OnionSGD 17.40
Sambal ClamsSGD 17.40
Spicy ClamsSGD 17.40
Superior Stock ClamsSGD 17.40
Fragrant Stir-fried ClamsSGD 17.40
Seafood Superior PoSGD 33.40
Braised Fish Maw, Mushroom & Sea Cucumber in CasseroleSGD 26.70
Braised Sea Cucumber, Gluten Puff & Mushroom in CasseroleSGD 24.00

Ming Kitchen Chicken & Venison Beef Menu

Crispy Thai Style Apple ChickenSGD 16.00
Taiwanese Style Three Cup ChickenSGD 16.00
Diced Chicken with Salted EggSGD 16.00
Prawn Paste ChickenSGD 13.40
Diced Chicken with Ginger & Spring OnionSGD 13.40
Diced Chicken with Dried ChilliSGD 13.40
Venison with Ginger & Spring Onion in Hot PlateSGD 24.00
Black Pepper VenisonSGD 24.00
Braised Venison with Bean CurdSGD 21.40
Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion in Hot PlateSGD 18.70
Black Pepper BeefSGD 18.70
Braised Beef with Bean CurdSGD 18.70

Ming Kitchen Seafood Vegetables & Beancurd Menu

Seafood in Yam BasketSGD 26.70
Diced Chicken & Prawn in Yam BasketSGD 21.40
Broccoli with ScallopSGD 21.40
Broccoli with Scallop in XO Sauce XOSGD 21.40
Bitter Gourd with Salted EggSGD 13.40
Fragrant Brinjal in CasseroleSGD 13.40
Sambal KangkongSGD 10.70
Braised Bean Curd & Seafood with XO Sauce in CasseroleSGD 16.00
Homemade Speciality Bean CurdSGD 13.40
Bean Curd in CasseroleSGD 13.40
Stewed Bean Curd in Hot PlateSGD 13.40

Ming Kitchen Seafood Soups Menu

Braised Crab Meat & Fish Maw in Thick SoupSGD 17.40
Cabbage & Fish Head SoupSGD 8.00
Mixed Seafood & Salted Vegetables SoupSGD 6.70
Seafood & Bitter Gourd SoupSGD 6.70
Seaweed & Minced Meat SoupSGD 6.70

Is Ming Kitchen Seafood Halal?

No, Ming Kitchen Seafood is not Halal because they serves Pork.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Ming Kitchen Seafood.

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