Torigo Singapore Menu & Prices Updated 2024

Hello Japanese food enthusiasts! Are you searching for the latest Torigo & Prices? You’ve come to the perfect place! We have uploaded their complete Menu with pictures and the latest prices. The prices are directly sourced from Torigo Singapore’s official channels.

Torigo Menu Prices 2024

Torigo Singapore menu can be categorised as Rice, Udon, Main, Tori Parts, Sides, Don, Mix and Match Pasta, Salad, Western Main, & Beverages. Let’s see the details of each item one by one.

Torigo Rice Menu with Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Half Fried Chicken with Rice & ColeslawSGD 8.90
Half Amai BBQ Chicken with Rice & ColeslawSGD 8.90
Giant Leg BBQ with Rice & ColeslawSGD 7.90
Miso Giant Leg with Rice & ColeslawSGD 8.90
Torigo Crispy Wings with Rice & ColeslawSGD 5.90
Amai BBQ WIngs with Rice & ColeslawSGD 5.90
Chicken Char Stew with Rice & ColeslawSGD 6.90
Salmon Steak with Rice & ColeslawSGD 12.90
Lamb Chop with Rice & ColeslawSGD 13.90
Teriyaki Chicken Chop with Rice & ColeslawSGD 10.90

Torigo Udon Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Half Fried Chicken UdonSGD 13.90
Half Amai BBQ Chicken UdonSGD 13.90
GIant Leg BBQ UdonSGD 11.90
Miso Giant Leg UdonSGD 12.90
Torigo Crispy Wings UdonSGD 10.90
Amai BBQ Wings UdonSGD 10.90
Seafood UdonSGD 11.90
Fish Fillet UdonSGD 10.90
Salmon Fish UdonSGD 11.90
Beef UdonSGD 11.90

Torigo Tori Main Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Miso BakedSGD 16.90
Torigo Feast2 Giang Legs 4 Amai Wings with Fries & ColeslawSGD 19.90
Amakuchi Whole Chicken with ColeslawSGD 13.90
SIgnature Torigo Spatchcock whole Chicken with ColeslawSGD 13.90

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Torigo Tori Parts Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Torigo Crispy WingsSGD 2.00
Amai BBQ WingsSGD 2.00
Salted Egg Wings – 3 pcsSGD 7.90
Torigo Drumlets 5 pcs with ColeslawSGD 7.90
Crispy Karaage with FriesSGD 6.90
Torigo Crispy Drumlets – 4 pcsSGD 5.50
3 Pcs Crispy Chicken with Fries, Potato Salad, & ColeslawSGD 12.90

Torigo Sides Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
ColeslawSGD 1.90
Potato SaladSGD 1.90
Cajun FriesSGD 3.00
Cheesy FriesSGD 4.90
Fries with Meat SauceSGD 5.90
Teriyaki Chicky BallsSGD 6.00
Cream of MushroomSGD 4.50

Torigo Don Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Gyuniko Don BeefSGD 8.90
Chicken DonSGD 8.90
Minced Beef DonSGD 8.90
Curry Chicken DonSGD 8.90
Salmon DonSGD 8.90
Chicken Meat Ball DonSGD 8.90
Black Pepper Beef DonSGD 8.90
Salted Egg Chicken DonSGD 8.90

Torigo Mix and Match Pasta Menu Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Half Fried Chicken with PastaSGD 12.90
Half Amai BBQ Chicken PastaSGD 12.90
Giant Leg BBQ PastaSGD 10.90
MIso Giant Leg PastaSGD 11.90
Torigi Crispy Wings PastaSGD 9.90
Amai BBQ Wings PastaSGD 9.90
Seafood PastaSGD 9.90
Chicken & Mushroom PastaSGD 9.90

Torigo Salad Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Medley Green Salad with creamy Sesame DressingsSGD 3.90
Chicken Salad Bowl with creamy Sesame DressingSGD 9.90
Salmon Steak with Green SaladSGD 12.90
Shrimps 7 Pcs with Green SaladSGD 9.90
Chicken Dice with Green SaladSGD 8.90

Torigo Western Main Menu Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Clack Pepper Chicken Chop with Fries, Egg & ColeslawSGD 10.90
Teriyaki Chicken Chop with Fries, Egg & ColeslawSGD 10.90
Teriyaki Chicken Chop Burger with Fries, Egg & ColeslawSGD 10.90
Fish & Chips with Fries & ColeslawSGD 10.90
Salmon Steak with Fries and ColeslawSGD 12.90
Lamb Chop with Fries & ColeslawSGD 13.90
Black Pepper Sirloin Steak with Fries & ColeslawSGD 15.90

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Torigo Hot Beverages Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Teh TarikSGD 1.90
English TeaSGD 1.90
LatteSGD 1.90
CappuccinoSGD 1.90
Black CoffeeSGD 1.90
Green teaSGD 1.90

Torigo Cold Beverages Prices

Menu ItemsPrice
Coke/Coke Zero/SpriteSGD 1.90
Gold Passion Fruit TeaSGD 3.90
Cucumber SpringSGD 2.50
Gold Citron Tea – YuzuSGD 3.90
A&WSGD 1.90
Fanta GrapeSGD 1.90
Qoo White GrapeSGD 1.90
Heaven & Earth Jasmine Green TeaSGD 1.90
Heaven & Earth Lemon TeaSGD 1.90
Pure Drinking Water 500 mlSGD 1.80

Is Torigo Singapore Halal?

Yes, Torigo Singapore Is Halal Certified.

All the images and prices have been sourced from the official channels of Torigo Singapore.

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